If you are starting on motorcycles, there are various things you should consider ranging from engine and transmission to fuel tank capacity and seat height among others. Finding a bike should not be a daunting task, especially since there are several options on the market. However, not all offers are the same. You should carefully review your suggestions and pick the ideal bike for your style and needs.

Manufacturers do not necessarily tailor-design beginner bikes and novice riders. Nevertheless, they will make your learning journey much smoother and exciting. You can also use them to master your riding skills before moving to more advanced designs and electric bikes. If you are in the market for starter motorcycles, here is a brief review of seven top options you can consider.

1. SV650 (By Suzuki)

This is one of the best motorcycles available for new riders. It uses a 645cc twin engine for consistent power and offers fuel economy as well as low emission. Its old-school design is lightweight and made of steel. The bike also has a Low RPM Assist feature that can prevent you from stalling. Suzuki SV 650 is perfect if you are still learning how to ride, but also offers adjustments that suit pro bikers. Its frame is slim and easy to control. You can even ride the bike on highway and sporty terrain. This is one of those bikes you use with a map to cruise across all the destinations you have been waiting to explore.

2. Bolt Cruiser (By Yamaha)

Yamaha Bold Cruiser offers a perfect option if you are looking for a bold modern motorcycle with large fuel tanks and slim lightweight constructions. The bike is very comfortable and ideal for long-distance rides. It is also lightweight even for beginners and uses a 3.4-gallon tank that allows you to go several miles before you need a refill. Other features include a digital display, chrome aesthetics, and 642cc v-twin engine. It also comes in a base design that allows you to add various custom parts. You can make your bike as unique as you want. Always remember to exercise safety precautions whenever you are on the roads.

3. YZF-R3 (By Yamaha)

Yamaha is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world. They offer motorcycles for both novice and seasoned riders. YZF-R3 is a great design that reflects both comfort and efficiency. It has a sporty lightweight frame making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle for beginners. The motorcycle also uses advanced forged pistons and has an excellent fuel economy. Its flat sporty seat gives you full control, and you can firmly position your feet on the ground while sitting on the bike. YZF-R3 also comes in three colors and has several accessories to customize and personalize its appearance.

4. Sportster Iron 883 (By Harley Davidson)

Harley bikes commonly suit pro riders, but you can still find elegant, efficient designs that suit new riders. Sportster Iron 883 is one of the best Harley bikes for beginners. It has a lowered suspension and drop-back handlebars to complement its old school drag-style appearance. Besides its stylish design, the motorcycle has air-cooled engines that allow it to run several miles without overheating. It is also mid-priced and relatively affordable if you compare it to other top beginner motorcycle models.

5. Scrambler Ducati Desert Sled

If you are an off-road lover, then you will find this Ducati scrambler very exciting to ride on your enthusiast tours. This is one of those bikes you use for all your off-road trips without worrying about the fuel consumption, comfort, or safety. It is also ideal for highway rides. It has a higher seat position and a fully adjustable suspension to give you better control of the bike. Other features include a reinforced steel frame, 6-speed gears, electronic fuel injection, and spooked wheels from Pirelli.

6. 390 Duke (By KTM)

KTM is another reputable manufacturer of low to medium torque motorcycle engines. Most of their bikes are lightweight and ideal for novice riders. 390 Duke is one of the top offers you should consider. It has an incredibly slim design and curved seats for better comfort, control, and stability. It is also very durable and has a bold, attractive finish. KTM 390 Duke also has a sporty appearance to some extent, and you can customize and make it your unique bike.

7. V Star 250 Cruiser (By Yamaha)

V star 250 cruiser is another exciting motorbike from Yamaha. It has a super low seat to provide an upright riding position and consumes fuel at an average rate of 78 miles per gallon. With its relatively large tank, you should be able to travel at least 200 miles before you need to refill your tanks. The design is lightweight and attractive, with chrome capping, low-key mirrors, and classic fenders as well as handlebars. This bike also uses a 249cc v-twin engine which is ideal for beginner riders and those who are training for the first time. It protects you from the risks of high-powered motorcycles.


It is essential to review your offers and compare features. You can also look up customer reviews and expert insight for more information. When choosing a bike, make sure you pay close attention to engine specification, comfort, durability, stability, and fuel consumption. You should also review the curb weight, transmission speeds, and tires. As a beginner, you can start with any of the models mentioned above and master your riding skills before you spend more money on expensive pro motorbikes. Also, make sure you understand motorcycle safety precautions before you take your bike to the roads.