Maybe you’ve watched DIY YouTube videos instructing you on how to deal with various plumbing situations. However, applying the steps you’ve seen in the videos may not be as easy as it looks. Moreover, there are more important things that are seldom addressed in those videos, and a few missteps may end up making the situation worse. It’s not always wiser to take matters into your hands. You may even incur further costs in the process.

7 Situations That Require A Professional Plumber-1

That’s why some plumbing issues require the skills and expertise of professional plumbers.
They’re equipped with the right tools to do the job and have undergone the necessary training for their field. Below are some plumbing issues that you should only let a professional plumber handle:

  1. Burst Pipe

Water in the pipes rapidly freezes because of extremely low temperatures during winter, causing pipes to expand and burst. Trying to locate the burst pipe yourself can be difficult, if not impossible. A burst pipe may cause extensive damage to property, water waste, and flooding. It would therefore be prudent to move fast and call a professional plumber to deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.

If you realize that your water pipes are frozen, don’t attempt to thaw them yourself. Instead, call a plumber to deal with the situation. If you live in Sydney, contact plumbers like to get highly experienced plumbers who can sort out your plumbing issues within the same day.

  1. You Have No Water

If your immediate neighbors have running water and you don’t, you’ll need the services of a professional plumber to locate the problem. Your problem could be caused by low water pressure due to frozen, blocked, or broken pipes. Trying to restore water flow by yourself may just lead to more damage if not done correctly. Contact a professional plumber for this issue.

  1. Water Heater is Not Working Well

When you notice a sudden decrease in your water temperature or are completely getting cold water even when the heater is on, it could mean that your heater is defective. You may also experience rusty water, low water pressure, or strange noises coming from the heater.

You may be wondering who to call – the manufacturer, your HVAC guy, or a plumber. For the issues mentioned above, it’s good to call your plumber, as they are usually knowledgeable on these matters and can help you solve the issue.

  1. Frequent Clogs

A plunger can take care of a minor clog, but if the clog is persistent, it would be best to let a professional plumber unblock the drainage. Professional plumbers can use a camera to check down your drain to locate the problem. Leaving a clog unattended can cause significant damage to your home by causing flooding, interfering with structural foundation, and can also encourage a breeding ground for bacteria and pests.

  1. Slow Drains

Properly functioning kitchen sinks, showers, and bathtubs should drain quickly. Slow drainage should be a cause for alarm, especially if multiple drainage points are draining water slowly. It could mean that a problem is developing deep inside the drainage, preventing it from functioning normally. The culprits may be grease, soap and hair that have caused a buildup and are slowly blocking the drainage. Slow drains can quickly become clogs which can damage the pipes by holding water longer than they should. Water can even backflow and cause filthy floods. Slow drains should be treated as emergency plumbing issues that need the urgent expertise of a professional plumber.

  1. Leaks

Leaky faucets and other fixtures always seem like small problems that won’t cause significant damage. You may have noticed a leak in your faucet and fastened a screw tighter, only for the drip to return. A faucet is made up of several parts, and a fault in any of them can lead to a leak. Besides wasting water, drips that persist have the potential to loosen tiles or other flooring, rust fixtures, and even cause rotting. Those minor leaks that look harmless can cause major problems which can cost you significantly. To mitigate damage and save on water costs, you should contact a professional plumber to identify and fix the problem as soon as you notice drips.

  1. Overflowing Toilet

Just the thought of an overflowing toilet is gross. An overflowing toilet will send back smelly filth and bacteria into your home. If your toilet won’t budge even after using a plunger, the blockage could probably be in the sewer line. In such an event, you should call a professional plumber.


Even if you schedule regular maintenance of your drainage and have your plumbing system checked periodically, plumbing situations sometimes still occur. To save time and money, minimize property damage and get peace of mind, always get professional plumbers to deal with major plumbing issues like the ones mentioned above.