With the emergence of Artificila intelligence and automation, the criterie of work and requirement is getting changed radically. Many monotonous and reoccurring tasks are being replaced by robots and machine workers. The technological advancement has led us to a point where demographics are changing fast. According to a report by the world Eceonomic Forum, by 2020, there will be a loss of 5 million jobs. The report further analysis that the loss could increase to a total of 7.1 million jobs scarcity. The majority of these jobs will probably include administrative job types.

While the demographics of jobs are expected to go through drastic changes wihin the next few years, the report forecasts that some job types will gain momentum and certain occupations will be more in demand.

These are the jobs that are expected to get a boost in 2020 and beyond.

1. software engineers and Computer Science graduates will continue to get a boost.

With the growing need for software all around the world, there is an increasing number of professional software development companiesopening in every major and small city. This will put an upsurge in jobs that fall under the computer occupations will definitely get a growth. These occupations include software developers, programmers, computer engineers, information security analysts, and more.

2. Data analysts will be highly in demand.

According to the report, “The Future of Jobs, in 2020 and beyond, the data analysts will be increasingly in demand in all types of industries. It is expected that the greater demand for data analysts will be there because these professionals will be required to make sense of all kinds of data disrupted from technological equipment.

3. Architects and engineering jobs aren’t going anywhere.

During the coming four years, the demand for professionals skilled in architecture and engineering will continue to increase in the next four years. The report emphasized that there will be major demands of engineers and architectures, particularly professionals from the field of robotics, nanotechnology, biochemical, and materials. Moreover, 2 million jobs that are related to the field of computer, mathematics, architecture, and engineering will be created all around the world

4. More Specialized Sales People Will Be In Demand.

As technological advancements progress to unsettle industries, the market will demand specialized sales people to clearly elaborate the company’s services or products to a wide range of clients, including consumers, businesses, and government. Moreover, there will be a need for such professionals to make things clearly communicated to those clients that the corporation has never worked with.

For instance, since every type of content is increasingly consumed on mobile devices, a digital agency would surely need to hire sales and marketing professionals who could help with better mobile advertisments and marketing techniques.

5. Senior Managers Will Be Required To Lead Companies Through Transformations.

Industries that are all set to go through a technological revolution also require managers that can handle these transformational changes throughout the industry and its culture. This will result in the emand for  senior managers to help companies navigate through the rough waves of change in the industry operations as well as culture. The industries that probably will need these new managers majorly covers information, media, entertainment.

6. Creative Designers will Fly High.

Another top skill that will be needed is, “creativity”; and it cannot be replaced. A lot of reoccurring events and monotonous jobs can be automated with the help of advancd software and automation tools, but the need of human cannot be compromised for creative tasks.

Commercial and industrial designers will increasingly be in demand due to the job nature that cannot be substituted with machines. Commercial, industrial and architectural designers mainly work with the designing of electronic appliances, cars, gadgets, modern buildings, and other manufacturing items.

7. Human Resources And Organizational Development Specialists Will Be Required.

While technological and socio-economic changes will be causing some jobs to disappear completely, there will also be new jobs, and definitely, humans will fill them out.

With the change heavily influencing business, companies are getting prepared  to deal with tehm by training existing employees with new skill sets. This, to a significant extent, eliminates the need for finding the talent required for new positions. Many companies are also investing in reskilling current employees.

So, human resource professionals and development specialists will not only be needed for hiring a competitive team, but they will also be helping employees develop new skillsets.

8. Regulatory And Government Relations Experts Will Be In Demand.

As companies are adopting emerging technologies and deploying them into their operations, they could look for hiring people who are familiar with dealing with these adavancemnts in a legal way.

As time passes, more and more companies continue to embrace new technologies; this requires legal dealing and permission from the government. For instance, the converge of conventional auto manufacturing comapnaies, and tech giants develop cars that are driverless. This compels them to keep everything legal and according to the regulations of the state. Thus, they will be hiring profesionals who understand the relevant laws and can work with government regulators to figure out the best possible way to implement the moden technology.