One of the greatest milestones in a person’s life is to meet the one, the future spouse that you will spend the rest of your life with. From a series of firsts throughout a period, people eventually take the next step – moving in together.

Sharing a home, especially between two romantically-linked partners, is a momentous occasion for everyone involved. Moving in should be celebrated with friends and family by throwing a party.

Of course, no party can be complete without gifts fit for the couple’s new home. And there are plenty to choose from that could be useful around the house or just a cute accessory that ties the entire place together.

Here are some ideas you can brainstorm over for when your friends decide to move in together.

1. Water Bottle

 Any matching set can be a go-to for a couple about to embark on a new chapter of their romantic relationship. Therefore, you might as well get a practical and stylish gift and add it twice to your online cart.

A portable water bottle is a great present for any occasion, including a house-warming 

party. Sleek and environmentally friendly, two water bottles will be used every single day for sure.

Kool8 water bottles are definitely on top of the list due to their durability, thermal 

conditions, selection of colors, and overall style.

Named as one of the best water bottles produced in 2019, the Kool8 water bottle would 

be a great addition to the couples’ kitchen cabinets.

Besides, a purchase of the Kool8 bottle contributes to a great environmental initiative 

that really does not hurt anyone.

2. Mini Waffle Maker

 Who doesn’t like to wake up to a nice plate of waffles with a great assortment of toppings? Definitely the couple that just went through the hassle of moving in and could 

enjoy that breakfast for all their hard work.

Portable, compact, and simple to use, a Dash Mini Waffle Maker may seem like an obvious choice for a gift, but many people still overlook it. 

Perfectly affordable and definitely an awesome choice, a mini waffle maker would be 

sorely missed from the decor of the home’s kitchen.

3. Custom Star Map

 Although untraditional, a custom star map can be a unique representation of the 

romance and commitment surrounding the couple that essentially prompted them to 

move in together.

The Twinkle in Time Star Map displays the exact constellations and stars seen at a precise location and time. With that in mind, you can purchase and frame a star map that could commemorate a first date or any other special occasion within the couple’s relationship.

Not only is the gift romantic and thoughtful, but it can become a great accessory on a 

mantel or coffee table that the couple can look at fondly. All in all, the star map is going to be a timeless gift in their new home. Twinkle in Time was also named one of the best gift ideas by GiftWits.

4. Wine and Food Platter

 Classy and useful for any occasion, the Wine and Food Platter by Royal Craft Wood seems to be the perfect gift for any home.

With a nice wooden platter, a couple can put out glasses of wine with a vast selection of crackers, cheese, and grapes. At the end of the day, no one can deny a glass of wine and delicious cheese.

Make sure that the new home has the essential wine and food platter that is always 

present at any house party.

5. Organic Bath Bomb Set

 A nice gift would be to give a nice set of toiletries, specifically for a hot bath for a special occasion. After moving in, people definitely could use a calming bath to relax.

Bath bombs have been a trend in the past couple of years, becoming a trademark gift for 

multiple kinds of occasions, including celebrating a couple’s important step in their 

romantic relationship.

It is always nice to have a bath bomb set lying around the house, and you can provide 

that opportunity.

6. Our Moments Card Game

 Each home should have games to spice up parties. Traditional board games are always 

fun and a round of charades never fails, but it’s always unorthodox and maybe even 

personal games that can become a great gift for a new home.

For example, the Our Moments Card Game, where players are tested on their general 

knowledge and trivia of their partner can be a fun way for a couple to find out how 

much they know about each other.

This game will be used in many functions with other couples, be it romantic or platonic. 

Either way, the card game will not be living in a drawer for the majority of its time.

7. Staub Dutch Oven

 If one of the partners has a fun relationship with cooking, pull through with a quality gift 

that allows them to expand on their skills.

The Staub Dutch Oven is a handy tool in the kitchen, not to mention a tool that creates delicious food. While a couple with a new home may already have plenty of kitchen appliances, perhaps this kind of quality present does not have a place in their home yet.

Round, supremely built, and easy to clean, a Staub dutch oven is perfect for those who 

love to cook without the extra work of cleaning it.

From a hearty stew to simple steamed vegetables, this gift can simply be used for 

any meal you can imagine.

While this gift is completely suitable for the amateur chefs at home, the ease, and quality 

makes the dutch oven seemingly universal.

8. Trademark poker chips set

Whether your friends are gamblers or they just like dabbling in poker,  Trademark poker chips set will keep them entertained for hours, while strengthening their relationship and creating lasting memories.

For under $40 on Amazon, the Trademark set is truly a steal. 

With 500 chips in four different colors, a dealer button, a little and a big blind button, as well as two sets of cards, this set perfectly recreates the feel of a single-deck blackjack table. And when they had enough of poker, the couple can use the chips to play Texas Holdem, Black Jack, and more. 

What’s even better, the Trademark can travel with the couple thanks to a sturdy aluminum case that has velvety black tray inserts designed to resist dust and keep the chips looking as new. Discover more sets of poker chips here.


Picking out gifts can be a challenge, especially for those who most likely already have the essential tools. After all, a house-warming party has to be already decorated and ready for a presentation for their family and friends.

But it’s the thought that counts and all of the gifts listed satisfy that checkpoint. Consider some of these ideas if a house-warming party arises, providing you the chance to incorporate a slight touch to the style and overall vibe of the new home.