Your signage is a unique way of selling your ideas and products to the customers hoarding in. Signages are a colorful definition of what your retailing business has in its stores. Having unique signage with a personalized touch has a considerable say in garnering strong client-base and improved referential for your retail store. Moreover, quirky and unique signage leaves a forever mark over its reader’s mind, thereby giving you an upper hand over the biting competition with the other store selling the same merchandise.

This leaves us with the question of how can your signage be different from others?

Well, the answer lies in your vision and vivid imagination. To sell-off your ideas, products, and merchandise, you must put your best foot forward, and for doing so, you must know the market trend along with your requirements.

In addition to this, the following are some of the creative ideas helping in customizing your unique retail store signage:

Creating Customized and Creative Signages

1. Concise and Clear Message

The elementary function of your signage hanging outside your retail store using a light-duty catenary wire bunnings is to provide necessary information regarding your offerings and store detail.

But, what makes it more compelling is the presentation of simple and mundane regular information using a short, clear, but unique layout. Your signages must contain all the information in the simplest language but an attractive fashion. Overstuffing your signage is going to bore your customer out and leave a negative mark over their memory.

2. Easily Interpretable Font, Style, and Placing

The signboards and hoardings are usually large; hence, instead of going for the minute details, opt for bold and easy to see fonts, bright catchy colors, and place it at a convenient location. You can make fronts and overall layout attractive by playing with bright colors or a blend of local scripts and designs.

However, anything which requires the application of further brainpower is likely to kill the spot-on effect of the entire layout. It is best to go with the ‘easy-to’ understand’ approach for the greater good.

3. Customize Your Symbols and Sayings

It is a generically accepted trend that customers usually opt for a personalized item instead of a generic one. By giving your signage a customized personal approach, you are making your customers more at ease with your business. For increasing your stakes, you can address your customers using the sayings and symbols of the signage showcasing that the products belong more to the consumer strata rather than the store. 

4. Provide a Viable Reason to Buy Your Products

The customers usually are in a confused state of mind regarding what to buy or not. Therefore, your signage having a suitable reason behind the purchasing of your products is going to leave an impact on their minds. Always give a concise description of the real importance of your retail store’s product in their lives. This would further make their buying process more comfortable, and you would garner an assured customer base.

5. Keep It Up With the Trends

Going by today’s trend, most of the customers have started using slangs and lingos in their day-to-day life. Using such terms can also improve the overall presentation and creativity quotient of your signage. These shortened forms nowadays are an expression of keeping in touch with today’s changing market. Hence, try going for some quirky abbreviations, emoticons, meme slangs, etc.

6. Catchphrases are Always In

Having your own slang or a catchphrase indeed makes you stand out of the usual crowd. Make sure the symbol, jargon, or the slogan used on your signboard is not plagiarised and has a freshness of its own. The catchphrases defining your store have a remarkable quality of leaving a mark over the customer’s brain. Every time they remember the wordings, your store’s name is bound to pop up in their minds as well.

7. Play With the Overall Design

Just because it is named a signboard, you need not opt for a typical plank board or a hoarding. Be experimental with the presentation and create some stand-alone ideas regarding the usage of materials, paints, performance, and layout. You can use funky graffitis, some unique blend of colors, different metallic materials, lightings, and what not for presenting the best in class and widely appreciated signage.

8. Keep a Regular Check

Keep a regular check on your signboard to make sure it is readable and easy to locate. Always make sure it is visible from greater distances, moving vehicles, windowpanes of hotels nearby, etc.

The primary purpose of your signage is gathering an audience, and if it fails to catch a glimpse, what would it be used for then? Secondly, you need to maintain the freshness of your board and keep renovating it timely. Nobody is going to take a look at faded planks, shabby and hazy colors, and semi-visible fonts. Make sure your board never fall prey to such atrocities.


Retailing businesses and stores may be a mundane job, but presenting and selling your ideas in a creative way is full of thrills in many ways. Your signage and its creation are going to give you a one joy ride, and you’d gain a better perspective concerning your business. The tips and tricks mentioned above would not only create quirky and creative signage for your store but also define your understanding of the products you’re selling.