“Content is King” is the most common phrase that we have read so many times on social media. Have you ever thought who wrote this beautiful quote, and what is the chief purpose behind these words? It originally comes from an essay written by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in 1996 with the message that the future of the web or internet is the marketplace for content.

“Content is where I expect to make much of the real money on the internet just like it was in broadcasting,” said Bill Gates.

The phrase has been around for many years. Nowadays, it is used widely by the content creators while generating the posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest mainly to give information to the business owners that the success of the custom mobile app is only the highly engaging content. It is one of the top-notch mobile marketing strategies used by mobile app development companies to help the merchants gain more customers on the website & improve the business revenue.

Do you have any mobile applications? Are you satisfied with your sales? If not, you need to explore the eight best ways to create engaging content for your mobile app. The main thing is you don’t need to go anywhere as we have provided all information right below that you can implement in your business to make your brand count.

Business Tip 1: Hire an Experienced & Dedicated Content Team

If the content is the future of internet marketing, then your content writers/authors are the backbones to make the business better. Imagine how our bodies get instantly ready to eat the foods after reading the information, especially which Zomato offers them through notification with the caption – “ Tring Tring Your Food Is Calling.” It is just because they have good writers who know how to win the customers for online business.

You must choose the ideal content marketing writers who know all types of skills, such as guest posts, articles, press releases, copywriting, academic writing, and many more. After that, you should find the top guest posting websites to submit the content or write for those sites that accept guest posts. It will help you to get the traffic without making much effort and connect with your relevant audience.

Business Tip 2: Publish Quality Content with Zero Plagiarism

Quality content is a big priority on Google for improving conversions. Whether you are planning to write tech guest posts or produce the content for your professional website, never forget to maintain two things that are consistency and high-quality content. Both of them are ultra important to captivate the attention of users and keep them stable on your website for making the purchase.

Social media can become the worst enemy of your business when you publish or index the 100% copied content. If you are thinking, ‘Can social media damage a company’s reputation,’ then the answer is yes for you. There is no doubt it plays a vital role in generating significant benefits for the brands. When it comes to making judgments on plagiarism content, it first takes the initiative to put your business’ reputation at risk. The single ill-judged message or posts can mess up your entire reputation into dispute. If you have decided to give your content to guest post publishers or provide authority to your team for managing the content publishing workflows, always keep your eyes on the duplication.

Business Tip 3: Get Feedbacks from Your Customers

The investment of mobile application development is worthless if it is not developed according to users. Customer satisfaction drives value in your business. It is the leading indicator and gives much support to calculate the user’s loyalty towards your products.

Remember, always, your users will pay your desired amount when you offer them better customer service. The positive customer experience can generate 50% more sales for your company. How would you know whether they are satisfied or not? Simply, all you have to include the contact form in your mobile app or should have the rating features from the mobile app development agencies. After taking this feature, it would be effortless to know their emotions and feelings inside the software.

Business Tip 4: Go with Social Media Integration

Social media integration is an efficient way to boost awareness of your marketing efforts. It automatically aids you to promote your brand on various channels. In 2019, nearly 2.95 billion people worldwide used social media, and these numbers will increase by 2020 with 49 percent. It is projected that in 2023, more than 3.43 billion individuals will stay online on Social platforms.

So, it would help if you go with these solutions. Today, many people consider social media marketing to curate and create engaging content. It lets people analyze the competition and assist them in establishing the most important metrics. Apart from that, it is fantastic to accomplish targeted goals. Social channels help the application speak out louder. You should try to consult with the influencers to involve the persons in the content of your app.

Business Tip 5: Use SEO-Friendly Keywords

Keywords are the major SEO ranking factor of Google. You should know about the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), which is used by Google and some other search engines to compare or study the relationships between concepts and terms. The main purpose of adding these keywords is to create more visibility, traffic, and higher ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages.

You should target the right words and phrases or have to use short-term and long-tail keywords to let Google know about your content. Based on its understanding, your blogs and articles will be quickly crawled and indexed. Below are some places that you must incorporate these types of keywords from On-Page SEO Specialists:

  • In the titles of blog posts.
  • In the vanity URL of each social platform.
  • In the about us section or bio of your social networks.
  • In posts while talking about specific topics.

Business Tip 6: Invite your audience with Videos

Social video marketing is the top choice for growing the huge return of investment called ROI. Videos are the easily-digestible format and entertaining too. Most people prefer Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook to promote the business content, so you can also implement this strategy to enhance the fan following for your business.

Another way to obtain real-time engagement is Webinars. It is so difficult to sell the product through door-to-door marketing. It consumes a lot of time and costs massive money for traveling. However, by conducting webinars, you can smoothly target the groups based on your business niche.

Business Tip 7: Get Benefited with the power of storytelling

Storytelling is regarded as a robust business skill that you should adopt to make your content and mobile app valuable for customers. It fills people with real magic and helps them to make good relationships. It gives convenience to build a positive attitude towards individuals of different lands and regions.

With storytelling, you can make more links with circles, followers on an emotional level. The marketing of storytelling is one of the easiest ways to introduce the masses with your brands.

Business Tip 8: Create some mixed emotions with Quora’s

Quora is an international website for answering questions for free. It is the one-stop solution to find knowledgeable content experts. It allows promoting the business content in both direct or indirect ways.

The four benefits of Quora questions & answers for business owners are as follow:

  • It Boosts search engine ranking.
  • It Helps you know competition analysis & business trends.
  • It gives free space to discover tons of information.
  • It is an excellent platform for inbound marketing.


In the competitive era, creating engaging content for the mobile app is very challenging, yet rewarding. As you can see, we have discussed various things to make your customers happy for life. Now, it’s your responsibility to implement these tricks.