Crystals are mystical tools that bring nature’s healing to those who use them. Many energy healing practitioners swear by such crystals, but not many are aware of their benefits. Another obstacle that keeps many from using crystals is the possibility of acquiring a fake crystal. However, one can easily avoid replicas by purchasing crystals from certified retailers, such as Dante’s Luxury.

But, before using crystals, it is crucial to know each one’s specific purpose. This knowledge will help one make the most out of their purchase.

Gems and Crystals bring natural goodness to you and your whole family with crystal stones and gemstones, individualised to suit your needs.

How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals work as energy channels, and this channelling makes room for positive energy while getting rid of toxic energy and healing one from the inside. Experts believe that they harness natural strength from sources of healing like the sun, moon, and ocean.

Crystal healing is specific, and each stone works best for different physical ailments or energy turbulences.

Important Crystals and Their Uses


This crystal is often known as a master crystal as it requires no charging. It cleanses and recharges other crystals and helps in meditation. Selenite serves as a strong channel of spiritual energy and enhances team spirit. These benefits make it perfect for altars as well as offices.


Amethyst comes in beautiful shades of lavender and purple and makes for beautiful accessories. This gorgeous crystal has calming effects, and placing a geode near one’s bed can bring them a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams. This crystal also eases migraines and headaches by targeting the crown chakra.

Rose Quartz

While most believe that this crystal magnifies love in relationships, that is not its only purpose. Rose quartz also encourages feelings of reconciliation and empathy and keeps arguments at bay. While it is the perfect tool to use while manifesting new love and relationships, it also establishes a feeling of inner peace regardless of one’s relationship status.

Clear Quartz

This milky crystal is also known as the master healer since it helps align all the chakras in the body. It serves as an efficient energy channel magnifier and is the perfect tool for accessing higher levels of consciousness. While using it for self-healing, always keep the crystal upright and refrain from breaking the energy line.


While jade protects and fuels budding relationships, it also brings wealth and fortune. This deep green crystal brings abundance and prosperity by channelling the blessings of the universe to its bearer. In crystal healing, jade stones keep hearts healthy and energised but remember to avoid buying counterfeits by purchasing from trusted vendors like Dante’s Luxury. It can also cleanse and purify other crystals when put together.

How Do You Store Them

Crystals come in different forms to make storage and carrying easier. The most common form is a naked crystal, in which the crystal retains its naturally harvested shape. Meanwhile, crystal jewellery makes carrying them around easier and makes for cute accessories. On the other hand, crystal towers are perfect for decor as they can sit on tabletops easily. Door knot crystals also make for cute accessories and add a rustic touch to one’s decor.


Moonbathing with crystals and placing them in drinkable water can help one reap the most from them. However, they require recharging and cleansing to remain their best.

For recharging them, follow the lunar calendar, and on full and new moons, place the crystals on a windowsill under the moonlight. This recharging can make them more effective.

Another method is to purchase Himalayan salt and prepare a bath for the crystals at least once in a few months. Allow the crystals to soak in the solution for at least 48 hours to draw out accrued energy.