We all want to have our own home, our dream sanctuary, a place where we can spend our happiest moments. Our home is the place where we build memories, where we build our families and our lives. Of course, getting something like this isn’t easy.

In order to get the home we want, to build a dream place, a dream life, we need to be cautious and smart. And one of the things we should do is be have a good plan, a good step-by-step. For this reason we have written up the article below, which should assist you in getting the best home for you.

Figure out what matters the most

First things first – figure out what maters the most to you. What aspects of your home are simply non-negotiable, aspects that you are unwilling and unable to compromise on. Getting your own home is of course important, getting your dream to become real matters, but you also have to deal with reality. There is only so much you can do, only so much that can be accomplished. So, unless you have an unlimited budget, you can’t really get everything you want.

So, what are your musts, what are things you can’t and won’t compromise on. So, maybe you want the best possible high tech kitchen, but you also don’t really care about your backyard, or a swimming pool. Or maybe you want a really nice porch, and are willing to sacrifice a spacious bathroom.

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Crunch the numbers

The most difficult, boring, but important part of your road onto getting your dream home. Namely, a good budget, a good plan, it’s all about getting the most out of your funds and staying safe.

So, first of all, always know that no matter how much money you think you need, you will probably need more. Something will always spring up, a new expense, some random damage that needs to be paid for.

We suggest you make a very good, specific, thorough plan with all possible expenses that include possible damage, new licences, perhaps some changes and amendments to the original plan.

Think about the companies you are hiring

Then, don’t forget to thoroughly inspect the company. High quality companies, like Statesman Homes for example, have good credentials and references. You need to check out the past work of the company you are interested in. See what they have built so far, check it out. See if there are any satisfied customers.

Then, have a conversation with your builder. See if you both have good “chemistry”, see if they can figure out what you are interested in, if they understand your vision and your requests.

Think about your financing

There are many ways to pay for your new home. So, know that there are construction home loans, which are different form regular loans. Namely, your lender will not release these funds immediately. Rather, they will be providing your funds depending on the needs of the construction project. You will get periodic payments, also known as draws.

Also note that these are much riskier than regular loans, and so they might require a larger deposit, most likely to the tune of 20% of the entire sum.

Never stop communicating

Always stay in contact with your contractor. Have them give you regular updates on the progress of the build, as well as just go and check it out yourself. Never be afraid of standing up for yourself and don’t compromise on things you know you want. However, with regular communication you can make it much easier to succeed in both your goals, and the goals of the builders.

Get an objective inspector

Try to get a good inspector on your hands. You want somebody who is not connected to your builders, someone who is not in contact with the company building or selling you your home. You want them to check out your foundations, your permits, your land, and the finished product.


And there you have it folks, your dream home is just an arm’s reach away. Just remember, if you truly want it to stay your dream home, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. First of all, be very clear with what you want, figure out what are your non-negotiable. Be smart with your choice of contractor, think about your financing, and never stop communicating. Be through when it comes to your budget, get an objective inspector, and you will be right as rain.


Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.