Adobe Photoshop is a software that edits visuals. It is available for windows and MAC operating systems, developed by adobe incorporated, it is the best image-editor to date. It is not just an editor, you can create your designs and templates here. It is the ultimate software which can change modify any image and still display 100% original visuals. Adobe Photoshop 7.0, file hippo may not be the latest version but is considered to be the best and most used.

File hippo is a website that allows you to download software for free, safely and easily.

All you have to do is differentiate between the fake and real download options. Adobe PageMaker 7.0, free download, the full version is also available on file hippo and can be accessed following some basic steps.

What do updates offer?

Adobe Photoshop, since its development in 1988, has introduced many updates and all of them being substantial and worthy. Shapes, layers, page designs, more graphics, more manipulation, everything has been observed with each update of the Adobe Photoshop. Many users are looking for Adobe Photoshop free download links in order to get all these goodies without spending a cent.

How is Adobe Photoshop 7.0 the best yet version?

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 came in town in March of 2002 as an updated version of Adobe Photoshop 6.0. It brought an easy interface and smooth operation and for this reason, it is still considered the best version. It is the first of any Adobe version to include characteristics like web galleries and rollovers. The only update Adobe Photoshop has undergone is Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1, which just gave one other feature, additional camera compatibility.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0, file hippo proposes all the inbuilt features with authenticity. A fun fact – ‘liquid sky’ was what developers called this version. It was used as a code name.

Features of Adobe Photoshop 7.0

From the visuals to the working everything is optimized in the 7.0 version. One of the primary edges it provides is the basic and pretty simple interface. It is so detailed and precise at the same time that any user can be a perfectionist in its application. Also, if the beginners are not comfortable with all of the features, its limited edition is at the table. Many tutorials, tips, and its user guide can be of benefit and make Photoshop as easy as capturing a photo.

The file explorer

This version was not new, rather it got updated. After the update, the image can be looked for through visual search also. Earlier, it could only be done by entering the file name. Mainly, this tool focuses on saving your time by digging the search engines, as many images are available in the Photoshop file browser, and you can get your hands on whatever picture you want.

Its thumbnails are so manageable that you can organize and access your photos the way you want to. You can sort the images based on their height, size, width, and also it supports nearly all image formats.

Brush and patch

This is known as the healing brush and patch tool, it provides the detailed editing of any extra – minute particle present on your image, including droplets, specks of dust, wrinkles on the face, spots, and many others. Images are pixels. More pixels per frame, better the quality. This tool lets you access a very small portion of the pixels and you can remove the unwanted particles by deleting or manipulating the pixel they are present on.

This can also fix the edges and flaws that are resulted after deleting the pixel, you can replace or edit the modified pixel. The tools use complex algorithmic combinations but are user-friendly at the on-page.

Web transparency is a gift

This feature is extremely helpful as it lets you remove the color you want from the point of the area you want and render it transparent. Conclusively, you can induce and remove transparency in your web content and manipulate it according to your will. File hippo Photoshop includes this feature in both limited and full versions of Adobe Photoshop 7.0, file hippo.

Agitating the transparency in GIFS is a unique solution brought forward by Adobe 7.0, and it can help you with the transparency induction in GIFs. But, as it is not that smooth, the editing is quite visible.


Another sterling feature of the Adobe 7.0 is that you can increase or decrease the size of your target areas without messing with the size of the file. This can help you in images where you want to enhance the text written in it, or working on the vector art. This feature is also essential for many of the websites as captcha codes etc. And not only enhancing, but you can also compress your focused areas.

This tool does not upset the quality of the image, nor the total image size, but provides a considerable change in the designated selection.

The Rollovers Palette

This feature has brought everything under one tab. It lets you control the rollovers, maps, slices, animations to be added in a picture, and layer templates. This makes it easier for the user to control it and apply what he wants to without having to look for it everywhere. Photoshop, file hippo also provides this feature in both limited and full versions.

Auto Color command

The auto-color command helps you better the color flaws in just one click. This feature analyzes the work and offers a more reliable color in the present theme. Present in the image menu, this can remove the extra color shadows, and apply a preferable replacement, in the same palette or from any other palette.

Paint engine and brush palette

One of the crucial accomplishments of Adobe Photoshop 7.0, file hippo is the introduction of this feature. The brush palettes were removed in an update of Adobe 6.0, however, the makers have not only brought it back but it is bigger and better. With all types of brushes and paints available, you can give your photo extra-ordinary imagery personifying it and bringing it to life.

Other enthralling features

Adobe Photoshop provides you data-driven graphics, templates, and designs. The brushes that make you feel like you are in an art studio, the features of pattern maker, liquefying intensifications, PDF safety, picture package enhancements, XMP support, and text support.

Apart from all these, the most far-reaching of the features file hippo, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, free download provide is its integration. It is so powerful in its make-up that it can work well with all other Adobe products, giving you a chance to do legendary editing.

System requirements

For a PC, it requires a class three or four-processor, at a minimum, and is supported on Windows 98 and all other coming after it. It takes up 200 MB of your system’s RAM, and at least 300 MB of space on your hard disk is required for it to run smoothly.

For MAC users, you need to get a software with version 9.3 or more for Adobe Photoshop 7.0, file hippo to operate. The RAM required is the same as that of a PC because the RAM it takes up depends on its build and not on the system it is used on. Additionally, you need a CD-ROM drive and 330 MBs of your hard disk space.

Adobe PageMaker vs Photoshop

These two are completely different tools and are the best in their refineries. PageMaker, however, is now termed as InDesign. PageMaker is a computer application that lets you design multi-layouts. It is based on printouts and layouts based designing. While Photoshop is not built with the purpose of designing. It is simply an editing software, the newer versions introduced designing.

Just like in MS Word, you can create tables, edit them and change their layouts also. But MS excel is the real deal and is created for table making and design. So are Photoshop and PageMaker respectively. For flyers, books, magazines, etc. PageMaker or now called, InDesign is used.

In a nutshell, page management is the job of PageMaker and image management falls on Photoshop. The Adobe PageMaker, file hippo enables you to download adobe PageMaker 7.0 free download, full version and is difficult to find elsewhere.

The long and short of it

Summing it all up, Adobe Photoshop 7.0 is top-notch and is even considered then all its successor software. Many reasons contribute to this reality. One and the most critical one is the features it comes with. They are so handy and easy to operate that people enjoy using them, all other updates have just been an addition to them, and the basics are present in this version.

Another ground to prefer Adobe Photoshop 7.0, file hippo over any other version is the compatibility it arrives with. The new generation versions cannot withstand the older windows versions, and the naïve Photoshop versions are not good enough to use. This version is comfortable with all the Windows, now in use.

The last and most important pitch of Adobe Photoshop 7.0, file hippo is its user-friendliness. Smooth interface, minimum tabs, maximum options, brushes, layers, the ability to save and load templates, layouts, web images, and the transparency induction makes it public choice and in reality, even in 2019, majority of adobe users prefer to and use this version of Adobe Photoshop.

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