Flowers have always attracted people’s attention with their appearance. However, flowers are not only attractive to the human eye. Some small insects and birds adore colorful flowers and the nectar that flowers produce. That is why some gardens are always full of colorful butterflies. A divine sight, isn’t it?

It is known that some birds and butterflies migrate to the south during the winter months. Their move usually starts at the end of July. However, if the flowers in your garden are a good source of juicy nectar, butterflies and birds will stay in your garden a bit longer. Maybe even until the first autumn frosts.

If you want your garden to attract visitors like butterflies and birds, you should plant flowers we will suggest today. You can grow some of these flowers from seed yourself. If this seems too complicated, you can always buy flowers online in Dubai.

To make it easier for you to choose flowers that are attractive to butterflies and birds, we have compiled a list of 6 flowers that you can plant in your garden. Flowers from this list will attract butterflies and birds in abundance during the season. If that’s what you want, please keep reading.

6 Flower Species that Attract Butterflies and Birds

  1. Buddleia

Butterfly on a Buddleia flower

Buddleia is a flower that attracts butterflies the most. It grows as a deciduous shrub, which can be successfully grown in large pots. This flower blooms from August to October. The flowers are usually light purple, although they can be blue or white. Buddleia is suitable for planting along curbs or as an addition to evergreen fences.

  1. Russian Sage

Russian Sage is another flower that acts as a magnet for butterflies and birds. Russian Sage flowers are purple and smell of lavender. The stems on which the flowers are located are tall and aromatic, making them easily noticeable and attractive to both birds and butterflies. It blooms most abundantly in late summer and early autumn.

  1. Aster

Aster belongs to the daisy family. The flowering period of Aster is mainly from late summer to autumn. That is why Aster is ideal as a transitional flower from summer to autumn. Aster is a perennial flower and is suitable for growing with different types of flowers. This flower is a rich source of nectar and pollen, so it is very attractive to butterflies and other insects.

  1. Sedum

Butterfly enjoying on Sedum

Sedum is one of the most resilient plants on this list. For that reason, they are often used as a ground cover, and even as a substitute for lawns. Butterflies and other pollinators worship Sedum for two reasons. The first are flowers that are rich in nectar, and the second reason is the seed of Sedum, which is the perfect food for birds. Sedum blooms are most pronounced in late summer.

  1. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are a very precious flower because they bloom even in late autumn (September and October). Since they are one of the last flowers to bloom in gardens, they are very important for pollinators. You can grow Chrysanthemums yourself by planting them in the spring. On the other hand, you can always buy them in many flower shops at the end of the summer.

  1. Sunflower

This list would not be complete without Sunflower. Sunflower is one of the favorite flowers nowadays both for people and pollinators. People love it for their beauty, while butterflies and birds also adore it because it is an excellent nectar source. The Sunflower is usually yellow, but it can also be red, green, or white. If you decide to grow Sunflowers yourself, do it by planting Sunflower seeds in April. In case the planting fails, you can always buy Sunflower in nearby or online flower shops.

You will see that it is very easy to attract butterflies and birds if you offer them the flowers they love. Indeed, these six types of flowers are not the only ones that are rich in nectar. If you are interested in finding more flowers that attract pollinators, be sure to check this article:


For all of you who enjoy watching butterflies and listening to bird’s songs, having the flowers we mentioned above in your garden can become a real pleasure.

However, butterflies and birds are not just a visually beautiful addition to your garden. They pollinate flowers, which is why they are essential for the health of plants in your garden. As you can see, some flowers have a dual purpose. You will enjoy watching your garden’s playful visitors every day, and they will have their home.