ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) solutions are essential for every business in today’s world. Without a strong IT infrastructure, enterprises cannot ensure continuity of business activities in the short term and long term. Even a small glitch could result in loss of precious work hours, thereby decreasing productivity.

Enterprises are in the process of adopting the latest technology and software to revamp their business processes and make them effective. But among the plethora of software solutions available, which ones should an enterprise choose?

Using the wrong software can cause more harm than loss for the enterprises. While many factors play a role in making this decision, one thing most enterprises agree on is that artificial intelligence is the main agent. AI-powered tools are changing the way the work is being done in different departments.

The IT department is one of the first areas where AI is being implemented. Hardly surprising, right? Whether it is to provide support services to customers or employees, the IT department is always working on some or the other glitch. Would a comprehensive system solution help them enhance their productivity? That’s where the advanced service desk or helpdesk software is gaining prominence.

But can every enterprise use AI Service Desk Software irrespective of its business volume? Of course, it can. That’s the beauty of this software. It can work in any industry and any enterprise if the management and employees are prepared and trained to accept the changes and use the new software effectively.

For the top management and employees to embrace AI, they need to understand the numerous benefits the software provides. This will make employees comfortable in using the software and stop resisting the changes the enterprise is trying to bring to the business model and processes with the fear of losing their jobs to a smart machine.

For the IT Department

Let’s start with the place where the software is installed and used. We don’t have to explicitly mention the amount of workload the department has to handle. Apart from constantly monitoring the entire IT system, the agents have to respond to countless queries asked by the employees. There would be an issue with a password somewhere, or an issue with a printer or something gets messed up, and no one can figure out what. Moreover, the agents have to generate tickets, send emails and updates, and handle the paperwork as well.

Handling all of them causes a lot of pressure on the agents. The software simply steps in and takes away more than half the workload. The queries and questions will be answered by the chatbot. Restoring passwords, checking internal network connections, etc. can be done by the software. Only the ones that are too complex for the software are routed to the agents. The software generates the ticket and sends the entire information to the respective agent so that the person knows exactly what the issue is. Prioritizing is done by the software so that the agents can focus on the important aspects.

For the Employees

How does using the service desk software help employees from other departments? It’s a simple concept. When the IT department has its hands full, the messages and complaints sent by employees will invariably be kept in a waiting list. Also, the query can be answered only when an agent sees the message.

The software solves this problem by being available 24*7. The employees do not have to wait for the IT agent to see their message and provide a solution. The chatbot sees the message immediately, responds with a few seconds, asks for more information, and decides the course of action. Can it be solved by the software? If yes, the issue will be sorted in no time. If not, the ticket will be forwarded directly to the agent who is responsible for it. The employees can get back to work and not lose their precious work hours waiting for the super-busy IT team to solve their problem.

For the Enterprise

The Ai Service Desk Software invariably offers many benefits to the enterprise as a whole. With happy employees (including the IT department), the motivation levels will be high at work. Employees will feel energized to work more and deliver better results. The work environment will be less stressful. Moreover, the cost of investment is reduced as the software not just responds to employees but also collects data, processes it, analyzes it, and shares detailed reports.

Enterprises can use this data to make better decisions. Do they need to upgrade a particular software? Do employees need additional training? What are the weak zones, and how can they be rectified? And ultimately, the software bridges the knowledge gap within the enterprise without having to hire too many professionals.