Thinking about making your own successful sales funnel? Then don’t worry, as I am not going to bore you with some hi-tech idea here. It’s all about basics involved with a bit of genius thinking here. Basically, a sales funnel is a marketing method that actually is to set a pattern to get you a possible prospect. Mainly, a systematic process with the goal of buying your services and products.

What You Will Learn Today?

I am running a PR accompany of my own. And, I know all the hard-and-fast rules applicable here. Like I said before, I am not about to drown you in a frenzy story of my own, but some real-hard facts, so here is what it will teach you today:

  1. Understanding sales funnel
  2. Frontline approach with landing page
  3. Getting your customers to your brand
  4. Top brand marketing secrets
  5. Email Marketing and its effectiveness

So, let’s get started with your next step towards success without any delay.

The Idea Is Simple, Yet Effective

Yep, that is what the whole plan is based on. To effectively get you customers with potential to buy over-and-over from your brand. However, mostly what you see is the outdated approach to this awesome feature to get more leads. And, by leads, I mean potential buying leads, not just random clicks.

Damon Aleczander, founder, and CEO of MarketSharks adds that” Initially, my passion got me to start the company, but frustratingly, I couldn’t find any solid training or mentorship no matter where I looked. I was stuck with non operational YouTube videos and backwater internet threads to teach me how to trade. But, then I decided to go with powerful and impacting sales funnel approach. And, then I made $274,000.00 in revenue within the first 6 months.”

Work On Your Frontline Approach

That will be your landing page. Every startup company goes after making itself a brand. But, hey stop there. Just stop. Think about it from your customer’s point-of-view. Do they really want to come to you? What is it that will bring them to you straight? Your frontline warrior is your landing page. And, an ordinary-one is not what will make people stick to your brand or company. Your landing page is the top-most important part of your sales funnel.

An Example Of Help

However, keep in mind, that it’s not only a great design that will count here but also content. Not just any content, but a call-to-action is going to harbor more people. Take it as an example of yourself. How many times do you give out your email address? Unless, it’s something quite catchy with discounts, or coupons. You don’t want to keep getting health tips with some chirpy consultant. But, on the other hand, if that advice comes with some weight-losing diet plans, you may want to reconsider closing that tab. So, work with a constructive approach to get your customers attention.

Driver Your Customers To Your Brand

Trust me, it’s not easier than driving on a highway. You have got to reach your clients and possible customers through mediums that will help to convert more. But, the possible question is, how will you drive that traffic to your website, or in this case your landing page.

Simple – Reach Them Where They Are

Easy, but with a bit of social media, and out-of-the-box approach. Nobody is going to listen unless you shout. And, by shouting I didn’t mean to get a loudspeaker. Your queue here is to blog, tweet, hashtag, and email marketing. Set aside some budget to do your online marketing campaign. This is what your operative sales funnel will help you achieve. You can also try:

  • PPC
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

How Will It Work?

Create products that your customers want. Share that news with your industry and see how you are getting high attention from your large customer chain. But some business starters, who do not have marketing research and analysis department in their organizations; definitely need to know the buying pattern of their customers. Therefore, comes in a successful sales funnel to make you see that bar.

Same goes for those who are running older businesses but have not set any priority to the needs of their customers. Regardless of the fact that you are new or old in business if you want to see your numbers multiplying you really NEED to acquire these patterns.

Here are some quick, tips for you to study how this will work for you:


Listen to people and what they are saying about your brand. This information can be gathered from online blogs that your customers are using and leaving their reviews at. Take these reviews seriously and plan accordingly to repair scratches. That’s the key point. If you ignore this, eventually your product will be ignored.

Social Media Personalization

Personal level communication will also be helpful in this matter. Find them on different social media websites and ask them to share their experience of product usage with their friends and social circle.


Effective marketing can work only when your brand is creative and always providing something new for this innovation loving generation.

Live Chat

Setup a live help via chat to take live feedback and give them appropriate solutions accordingly.

Top Brand Marketing Secrets

According to a study revealed about the Instagram followers of different fashion brands in earlier this year, Nike is at the top of the list in the fashion brands rating on Instagram.

Some other brands that are famous are:

  • MAC
  • Urban Decay
  • Maybelline
  • Calvin Klein
  • Victoria’s Secret Pink
  • Victoria’s Secret

I know what you are thinking about this list right now. It’s that, why they are so eminent in their customers – correct?

It is so because they find their customers wherever they go. Like if they in a mall with friends they find them, and if they are not there and are virtually connected to their friends these brands will go for them there and market their products to them.

They follow the rule if they cannot come to us we can go to them and that’s the reason they are famous.

These fashion brands are continuously struggling to increase their profit and for this, they are using this five-point criterion:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Favorability
  • Word of Mouth (both in real life and online)
  • Product Ownership
  • Consideration of purchasing items from the brand while shopping

And, all of this also catered on their websites. Your landing page also leads your customers to other sections. Therefore, take the line, and run with more focus this time.

Smartphones Make Email Marketing Bright

Now, who is here without a smartphone? IPhone X and Galaxy Series – all have the email feature. Everyone carries a smartphone. And, clicks through their email like after every other hour. But, the main objective of your sales funnel is to get the email address of your customer’s real quick.

However, here if you did make a catchy landing page, the gathering info pat will be quick. Most of your targeted visitors will leave their email address without you having to ask for it. But, if not, then you may need to start some awesome email campaign to get their info. Collecting data with more focus will get the job done.

Let Your Customers Know that they are important

“Your customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. This quote by Damon Richards expresses it all.

Providing personalized services and focusing on your customer’s specific needs and requests rather than providing them a product from a batch can work wonders. Your customers always notice when you are going out of the way to do something for them.

And, even if they don’t acknowledge your “special effort” at that time, it will always stick in the back of their mind. The best part is that the favor can be as small as personally ensuring that the goods are packaged properly to perhaps an early delivery or even a small thank you note with the receipt.

Provide Ample Training To Your Staff

Your employees are certainly the main contact for your customers. And I wouldn’t want to miss the chance of capitalizing this major resource. For your customers, after all, they are the ones representing your company. Having good communication skills would be a must. But most importantly, we need to learn the art of empathizing. When your customers know that you can understand what they are going through, it will always help them in trusting you. It can resolve their and your problem in seconds. In this case, the trust will be the base of your relationship with these customers, and these ones don’t go away easily!

Conduct Research To Know Your Customers Better

Knowing your customers in today’s competitive environment is as important as providing them the right services. Questionnaires should be compiled, keeping in mind the target market of your business and searches conducted based on samples of that target market to get their valued feedback.

Example To Understand?

If I was a cookie manufacturer, I would really want to have the moms and in some cases their kids questioned at superstores, to know which flavors they prefer the most. What quantity they usually buy, and most importantly, if they were to have it differently what change would they want. This critical data would be a major asset for the product development team and they would know exactly what to produce to keep your customers happy. Of course, there would be a continuous room for improvement.

Turn Happy Customers Into Loyal Consumers

“Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.” Who wouldn’t want all their customers to return back to them? Well, loyalty is the answer.

Didn’t we all love the extra 25 GB we got from Microsoft as part of their OneDrive loyalty plan? Well, when highly successful companies like Microsoft feel the need to invest in it, others should just follow the cue.

Loyalty cards, discounts on second visits, earning points on continuous purchases, all help in bringing the customer back to you for that next visit. The result is that you have just earned yourself a regular. Now what you only need to do is to notate their important dates; send them a short birthday or anniversary card every now and then, and finally, you have nailed this one exclusively high point to connect.

How To set Your Email Marketing Campaign?

You need to set a slow and steady series of emails that you send to searchers who’ve provided you with their email address. The notion is to build a connection slowly over time. This is to make your viewer comfortable into doing the purchase.

Here Is How You Can Do It

Day 1

Send a “welcome“ email for showing interest in your services. It should also say thanks, to show you care about their approaching your company.

Day 2

Now, send an email that offers a giveaway. Maybe an e-book or a free guide about your products. Ensure that the document does contain relevant details about your offers, and business. Target your target market with research.

Day 3

Be more personalized in this email. Send some testimonials, and how people benefit from your services type email. This will pique their interest more.

Day 4

Be more interactive. Send personal experience or a story how your brand helped another customer.

Day 5

After all, that rapport building, send an email with the “hard sell opportunity.” This will get them to you based on your constant reach out.

What If It Still Didn’t Work?

Usually, it never happens. But, in case it does, then don’t worry. Stay focused. You are not trying to do some cold email campaign. Show more interest in people who didn’t come back to you. Try to offer them discounted deals. Maybe share an offer with “buy-one-get-one-free plan. Add other goods, like a movie ticket or maybe a dinner for two.

Positive Conversion Is Possible With Operative Sales Funnel

Your customers are not just anybody, who happened to like your services. All big brands work through an operative sales funnel. They know what it takes to connect with their customers. This stuff really has worked wonders for many, so why wouldn’t it do the same thing for you? A simple change in your approach is the key to success and more fruitful leads.