The third-largest in Los Angeles County, Santa Clarita is among the busiest and most frequently visited Californian cities. Home to over three hundred thousand people and counting, the valley witnesses a massive amount of traffic on all its intersections at all possible times.

Heavy traffic generally leads to unforeseen automobile-related accidents. In the unfortunate event of an accident or injury it is wise  to consider hiring a Santa Clarita personal injury lawyer to ensure no time or effort is lost in handling legal and compensation matters alone. They are reliable, reputable professionals who help victims of car crashes and other personal injuries claim compensation.

The points below will help you understand the types of cases these expert Santa Clarita lawyers can handle and the nature of their service.

Motor vehicle accident lawsuit

Road traffic accidents are a major cause of personal injury in Santa Clarita, like in other California cities. In fact, seven of the most dangerous intersections of the state are located in Santa Clarita Valley. These include Sierra Highway and Soledad Canyon Road, Langside Avenue and Soledad Canyon Road, and McBean Parkway and Newhall Ranch Road.

Invariably, about forty-four, fatal car crashes were recorded in the region from 2013 to 2017. 34% of the total crashes involved drunk drivers, and about fifteen pedestrians were involved in fatal accidents during this period.

A personal injury attorney can help victims fight for rightful compensation in such severe accidents in the city. They will conduct independent investigations into the crash, estimate damages, prepare all the essential paperwork, and file the lawsuit within the state’s statute of limitations.

Workplace injuries

If you sustain an injury (or injuries) at the workplace, then you are entitled to seek workers’ compensation in the state of California. Hire a Santa Clarita personal injury lawyer to guide you through the process and ensure you receive a considerable amount of money for the trauma and pain you have endured. Such work-related incidents in Santa Clarita often occur in construction and trucking companies. Sometimes, if an accident involves a large truck and a bicyclist or a pedestrian, the damage and chance of fatality are much higher.

Other personal injury cases

Besides the ones listed above, personal injury attorneys in Santa Clarita handle various cases every day. They help victims of train wrecks, burn injuries, brain and head injuries, dog bites, boating accidents, premises liability, trips and falls, spinal injuries, and wrongful death, among other things.

Free consultation and contingent-based fee

Most personal injury lawyers in Santa Clarita operate on a contingent-based fee structure. This means that they will take a percentage of the total compensation amount instead of astronomical lawyer fees. Typically, this is 33% of the entire amount. And if a client fails to get compensation, then the lawyers are not paid either. This type of payment mode enables the lawyers to align their interests with the client, ensuring that they avail themselves of the best possible compensation or settlement amount.

Moreover, they offer a free consultation initially, where they study the details of the case and decide on the odds of success. Only if both the lawyer and the plaintiff are satisfied will the case move along.

Furthermore, they keep their clients updated on the latest developments in the lawsuit, regardless of the type of personal injury case. Extensive knowledge of California laws enables them to maneuver tricky lawsuits with care, ensuring a definite win for the plaintiff.