The stigmatisations resulting from baldheads are the reason people go for hair transplants. Many have been mocked for having little or no air at the centre of their heads. While those who could accept the mock, let it go. Numerous people could not contain the abuse they witness every day and this culminated in celebrity especially going for transplant.

Not quit much is behind hair transplants. Aside the hair loss, there is one single thing that is said to be responsible for people running to do hair transplant.


Hair loss is nothing much, but the stigmatisation from it is causing emotional problem in people, the old, and young. Those who decided to go for it complain hair loss makes people to mock them in a different style.

In Nigeria, the mockery those with baldheads receive is not little, even their friends see no reason in stopping to paint them as baldheaded. The same holds for other countries, but the return is always emotional problems, most times, when they see a large crowd mocking them.

People with baldheads feel some forms of alienation, from families and friends. The feelings people who suffer from air loss have are inexplicable to others, but it is there, deep inside their heart. To the extent that they want to do anything to get hair, back on their head. This is not new. It has been like that since early Egyptian time.

A survey confirmed that 47 percent of people who suffer from air loss are ready to spend their lifetime earnings on getting hair back on their heads. This is the reason celebrity spend thousands of dollars to get air back on their head.

Why Celebrities Do Hair Transplant?

From Wayne Rooney’s decision to recent Jake Quickenden’s hair transplant, stigmatisation has done a thing or two in celebrity deciding to have hair transplant. Jake Quickenden who made known to the world via his Instagram page that he has begun a hair transplant procedure after witnessing severe “insecurities” over his hairline.

“So just in case anyone sees me and thinks it’s Frankenstein, I’ve sorted my hairline out after years of insecurities, people might say your hair was fine and didn’t need it, but after years of being really worries about losing my hair, I took the dive and did something about it!”

Even though his was not too much of stigmatisation, he was scared of the possibility of loosing his air. That is from another angle.

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Is Hair Transplant Worth The Price?

People can do anything to cushion the effect of stigmatisation, and even you. When you are feeling bashed, condemned by those very close to you because something is missing in your body, you feel lonely that moment. This is often time the reason celebrity sick succor in hair transplant.

The price may sound somehow, but it is not expensive everywhere. Hair transplant in Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa and many other countries are not very expensive.

However, note that hair transplant is not celebrities’ desire alone, so many people, known and unknown, also seek solace in it when they witness mockery from their friend, family and people in their immediate environment.