Male chin augmentation, chin fillers or jawline contouring is fast becoming an increasingly sought after cosmetic injectables Brisbane treatment. In part, this is because going under the knife for the perfectly shaped chin is a drastic step with long recovery periods that result in inconvenient downtime.

So, instead of putting themselves through the discomfort of surgery, many men are searching for faster, safer alternatives. They turn to non-surgical chin filler men aesthetic procedures for the perfect jawline and chin silhouette. What else should you know about this treatment?

The power in a jaw

A big jaw and nose are qualities associated with powerful men such as Bill Clinton and Abe Lincoln. The stronger jawline is also known to increase sexual appeal. It communicates high levels of testosterone as well as a sturdy immune system, which attracts potential mates naturally. Add in an angular and sharp chin and you have traits that project power and attractiveness.

According to aesthetics experts, female attractiveness lies in cheekbones, while that of males is in the chin and the strong masculine appearance of a square chin. So, the ideal aesthetically male lower face features a square projected chin and a well-defined jawline. A chin and neck angle of less than 130 degrees is the optimal attractiveness point for men—and the chin filler men procedure can help!

Introducing dermal fillers to the chin

Within minutes, a skilled medical practitioner can transform a “weak” chin into a naturally more masculine aspect. Introducing jawline fillers to your chin helps add more definition to the face. The fillers contain naturally occurring substances that attract and keep water in your chin are for a filling, plumping effect that creates the masculine contours you desire.

In the past few years, the number of male clients coming in for this cosmetic injectables Brisbane treatment has been steadily increasing. The procedure involves the use of a needle and cannula to build and shape the jawline. Most practitioners start with smaller amounts done over time and layering the filler to create a natural transformation.

Before the procedure, it’s advisable to avoid alcohol or over-the-counter medication such as aspirin. Plus, also avoid cod liver oil, flax oil, and other essential fatty acids that may encourage bleeding and bruising. While it is not dangerous to take these foods, you might look like you have just come from a fight club after the procedure.

After the procedure

The effects of the fillers are painless and immediate. All you require is minimal downtime after a chin filler men procedure. Preferably, wait for only 24 hours before working out or drinking.

The best practitioners decrease odds of bruising caused by a syringe by instead using a cannula. The cannula looks like a needle, but it penetrates the subcutaneous skin layer instead of cutting through vessels and tissue-like needles.

Curious if chin fillers are for you?

Dr Scott Allison is one of the leading specialists in the art of male cosmetic injectables Brisbane has. The practice offers a comprehensive consultation process that involves assessing your face and making recommendations based on thorough measurements. For your consultation at the clinic, find the doctor at and book an appointment today!