An amplifier is an electronic device that is useful for converting the signal produced by electric guitar strings into a loud sound. The amplifier consists of a pre-amp, power amplifier, and speakers. The pre-amp is useful for picking up signals from the guitar. The power amplifier is used to increase the signal captured by the pre-amp. Meanwhile, the speaker is the result of changing the signal into sound. These three things are things that you should pay attention to when choosing an amplifier. To get the best amplifiers for metal music, you can visit Metal Music Guide.

The first type is the vacuum tube amplifier.

The second type is a transistor amplifier. The vacuum tube amplifier delivers a warm, powerful tone. The warm tone here means that the tone is produced without treble or screeching sound as it exits the speaker. However, this type of amplifier has a fragile body and is easily damaged when hit by an impact. Therefore, it is not easy to carry it or care for it. Transistor amplifiers also do not require special care. This makes transistor amplifiers preferable to tube amplifiers.

There are different types of guitar amplifiers, each with their own characteristics and functions. You can choose based on what the amplifier is used for, where to use it, and the type of music you enjoy doing.

Adjust to the location of use. When choosing a guitar amplifier, you also need to determine where you will use it. This is related to the amount of electrical power output from the amplifier (output). The bigger the output, the louder the resulting sound will be. For home use, look for an amplifier that puts out a small output of about 10 to 20 watts. The 10-watt output size is sufficient for beginners to practice at home. Even if you buy a medium-sized amplifier, those of you who don’t have a dedicated studio can’t tune it to the maximum volume. If you tune it in a low voice, the bass sound will be difficult to produce and will produce a quiet sound.

For studio use, use an amplifier with an output of 30 to 50 watts. Because you use a soundproof room or garage, you don’t need to be afraid to make loud noises. This amplifier can also produce sound at a specific point in the studio. This type of amplifier can also be used in live houses, so we also recommend it for those of you who are already advanced. If you want to use an amplifier in a large hall, choose an amplifier with an output of 100 watts. This large output amplifier is perfect for you as a semi-professional guitarist, event organizer, or metal music player. However, because there is usually a PA as an audio controller, the sound produced cannot be said to be large.

Pay attention to the type of amplifier. Guitar amplifiers come in a variety of types, with varying structures and sizes. Each amplifier has a different character and function. Therefore, pay attention to each type carefully, yes!

The first type is a small amplifier. The small amplifier is perfect for beginners and for home practice. There are also types that use airtight tubes even though they are small. The prices also vary, ranging from reasonable to high-end.

The next type is the combo amplifier. This type of amplifier consists of the amplifier head and speaker together. At the head of the amplifier, there is a pre-amp and power amplifier so it’s easy to carry. The shape is practical and has good sound results. We recommend this amplifier for practice as well as live performances.

The third is the amplifier modeling type. This amplifier is equipped with digital technology so that it can produce famous guitar sounds and amplifier sounds. You can enjoy various sound results, both distortion, and effect. Modeling amplifiers are amplifiers that advanced guitars can use.

Furthermore, there is a type of tube amplifier. This vacuum tube amplifier is loved by many guitarists. However, this amplifier has several small vacuum tubes on top of the main body. As a result, this amplifier is difficult to use. This amplifier is also not used alone because it must be connected to large speakers. If you want to use this amplifier, it’s a good idea to use it in the studio. This is because large speakers are not easy to carry around all the time.

The last type is the stack amplifier. This type of amplifier is a combination of the amplifier head and speaker. You can freely choose your favorite amplifier head and cabinet. So, you can find a combination that suits your liking.