Discussing vaccines, their safety, and their efficacy have become common fodder these days.

Many people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves from the most dangerous and life-threatening effects of the deadly disease. Not only that, but others are also signing up for their annual flu vaccine shots.

And while vaccines, in general, pose mild to moderate risks and side effects, regular cannabis consumers may feel extra concerned about side effects.

But we’re here to tell you, there are common vaccine side effects that cannabis can alleviate. We’ll discuss how and present research to bolster this claim ahead.

Can Cannabis Alleviate Vaccine Side Effects?

If you consume cannabis, no matter how you feel about vaccines in general, you may feel wary right now. Lots of dangerous and incorrect information is circulating the internet, and you may have read about the use of cannabis and vaccine side effects.

So are there dangerous interactions to know before you receive a vaccine?

Actually, the medical community will not make recommendations concerning cannabis use and vaccines, beyond saying you shouldn’t show up to any vaccine high. And that has nothing to do with potential interactions; they simply point out that your clear-headed consent is needed to administer a vaccine.

Furthermore, using cannabis after you receive a vaccine can actually alleviate specific vaccine side effects. We’ll discuss these in detail right here.

Cannabis Relieves Nausea

One of the hallmark side effects of any vaccine is nausea. It’s also one most people would be happy to avoid and not have to deal with.

After all, nausea disrupts the day. You cannot eat (or rather, would prefer not to) and it can be an all-consuming feeling that makes work and other activities impossible.

As you may already know, the cannabis plant consists of many compounds, with the two most common being CBD and THC. If you regularly consume cannabis, you likely have a preferred CBD or THC strain and understand which to consume when.

While CBD is typically given the lion’s share of the credit when it comes to health benefits, it’s a bit different with nausea. Research shows that both CBD and THC can suppress nausea.

This is actually why cannabis is medically approved for cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy. It helps relieve the emetic effect of chemotherapy, preventing wasting and malnourishment in the process.

Cannabis Reduces Pain

While research is still needed in this arena, there is plenty of anecdotal support to suggest that cannabis is a significant pain reducer.

This can make it an effective solution for post-vaccine care. Most everyone who gets a vaccine experiences some type of injection sight pain for a day or two. Additionally, others also experience bodily pains, sometimes for days following a vaccine.

Medical News Today suggests using Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains to help alleviate pain.

But which strain you choose should also depend on where you’re experiencing the pain post-vaccine. For example, Indica strains are most popular with cannabis users when it comes to managing non-migraine headaches and joint aches.

Since those are two of the most likely pain culprits after you receive a vaccine, it stands to reason that Indica cannabis may be your post-vaccine go-to for pain management.

Cannabis Can Prevent Fatigue

Following a vaccine, many people report experiencing a lack of energy.

While fatigue is usually nothing to worry about, it doesn’t help when you have to get on with your day.

Enter cannabis.

While some cannabis strains are medically approved to help people who have insomnia sleep deeper, others are more likely to make you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Again, this comes down to choosing the correct strain. As we mentioned in the last section, Indica cannabis strains are popular with people who need them for pain management.

Sativa strains are most popular with people who need a jolt of energy. You can use Sativa to lift your mood and provide energy, similar to a cup of coffee. Sativa plants tend to contain more THC.

And while CBD is the compound that helps you relax, THC is psychoactive, making you high and potentially giving you a burst of energy in the process.


Anyone who uses cannabis needs to know that it won’t cause adverse effects when you get a vaccine. And if you’re someone considering a non-medicinal way to heal your vaccine side effects, hopefully this information is helpful.

It’s crucial to know which type of cannabis to choose to quash common vaccine side effects. And if you’re new to cannabis or a non-regular user, just be careful.

There is no sense in taking tons of cannabis to prevent or treat common vaccine side effects. Doing so may only hinder the healing process and make you feel out of sorts for longer!