Nowadays, people have to care about their marketing campaigns as thoroughly as about the quality of the product or service. The high professionalism of the marketing specialists, as the experts have, is appreciated as well. One of the key points of sales performance and creating prospects is a proper appointment setting and communication between the potential clients and sales representatives. So what this process supposes, and how the true professional should act?

Core features of an appointment setter

What is the appointment setting?

The process of appointment setting, as the name suggests, includes setting a time for meetings to discuss the sales perspectives with the key executives. It is a bit similar to the lead generation process but communicating with leads specialists aims to find out if the person is interested in what the company offers. Potential clients who don’t have a distinct will to purchase what it offered are called leads. But this is far from the appointment setting.

The appointment generation refers to working with prospects – persons or business representatives who have a desire to make a deal. These relations have more long-term nature so they can be identified as the perspective of loyalty.

How to differentiate from a lead generation

We mentioned a little how the two processes differ. To be more specific, a clear difference shows up in the following aspects:

Lead gen:

  • creation of the potential clientele base;
  • defining those leads who correspond to the ideal customer profile;
  • closing the small deals;
  • nurturing with more mass messages.

Appointment setting:

  • working with the prospect base;
  • setting dates to discuss the probable deal or deals;
  • building long-term relationships;
  • nurturing with the individual approach.

These distinctions determine the accompanying actions and processes.

Key features of a setter

To find a good appointment setter, you don’t have to try the services of dozen specialists. The core features are visible from the very beginning – even bore you first meet. To understand if a person is a professional, pay attention to the following traits:

  • look at the discipline – a good specialist is always punctual if nothing extraordinary happens, concentrated on the working issues, and distinguishes well the formal and informal tone of the conversation;
  • how the person listens – it’s not a good sign if a specialist tends to interrupt you or looks indifferent to what you say;
  • if a specialist looks like he’s comfortable during your conversation – an appointment setter should stay calm and relaxed in communication with various people;
  • does he speak positively? – pay attention to if a person has a sense of humor and how he estimates things;
  • the experience – talk about some deals the setter has already closed, what difficulties he faced, etc., because it is the right way to understand if he is resistant;
  • critical thinking – if the one has the ability to look at one point from different sides.

To generalize, the main point to discover while looking for an appointment setter is if the person can easily find a common language with your prospect. Addressing the Belkins professionals, you can breathe freely about that.