No matter how carefully you drive on the streets of Brisbane, you’re sure to get a dent or two. While this development can be frustrating at times, it’s crucial to know outlets for dent repair near me because they’re always sure to come in handy when you require their professional services.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of this article, it’s essential to make some distinctions. Below, we’ll be giving meaning to the concept “Car Dents”, the types, and the mobile car dent repair service in Brisbane, changing the narrative. It promises to be an exciting read, so keep your eyes peeled.

Car Dents: An Overview

Although car dents have different variations, it’s referred to as damage that requires repainting, metalwork, or panel replacements. Even though they might appear superficial, these dents are more than meets the naked eyes as there might be more damage to the car’s paintwork.

Although there are various DIY methods for fixing a car dent, you might be needing the services of a mobile scratch and dent repair centre near you for more complicated marks.

Car dents can take months or even years to classify. Therefore, if you’re looking to put things into perspective, a professional is your best bet; to keep you up to speed with the nature of the dent and how you can go about fixing it.

Types of Car Dents

Here are the most common forms of car dents. They include:

Sharp Dents

The strong impact of a small item usually results in sharp dents on cars. These dents occur typically in parking spaces by shopping trolleys, the door of another vehicle, and the wind blowing tiny objects on to the bodywork of your car.

Spot-wise, sharp dents usually leave a valley-like trail.

Creased Dents

These kinds of dents occur when something like (a tree branch, bicycle, van, or trailer) drags and brushes up against your vehicle’s side. Creased dents generally form at the end of a dent, usually in the form of a straight line.

Round Dents

Accentuating its name, while this type of dent is round in shape, there might be discrepancies in-depth and sizes. These dents can directly result from the impact of footballs, baseballs, and any round object you can find.

Round dents take up the shape of a funnel, featuring a mid-portion that’s pointed.


With dings, damages are less severe as they’re mainly caused by slamming the car door harder than usual. Hiring the services of a paintless dent repair outlet near you is crucial in removing dings quickly.

Hail Dents

True to its name, hail dents are direct results of hail. Like round dents, Hail dents are easily resolvable at certain mobile car dent repair services in Brisbane.

Fixing a Car Dent: Doing it Now or in the Future?

The saying “a stitch in time, saves nine” rings true here. While it’s common practice for automobile owners to move around not minding the dents inherent in the bodywork of their cars, here are three major reasons to fix dents “pronto.” They are:

Rust Problems

While dents can cause blemishes, the real problem is what it does to your car’s painting.

Cracks resulting from dents can let water into the unprotected metalwork of your car, leading to rusts, and although it might be nothing major at first, it expands with time.

Cheaper to Fix

Fixing car dents as soon as they happen isn’t expensive. Why? It doesn’t take long for rusts to corrode metalwork and the car paint peeling away.

If you wait till this happens, it isn’t rocket science; you’ll certainly pay more to cover the costs of other problems.


Imagine hitting your brakes on the highway and realizing it doesn’t work; you can either lose your life or sustain significant injuries.

Therefore, it’s pertinent to fix dents to prevent electrical components present in your car from getting damaged due to water leaks.

Major Takeaway

Dents occur all the time as they’re practically unavoidable. Making repairs as soon as it happens is sure to protect you in the long run.

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