The prime use of wallpaper has been used by the design industry for decorative purposes. If this sentence has thrown you off that means what you had in mind reading the title was the digital wallpaper and not the real one used to decorate walls of many buildings. Real wallpapers, usually sold in rolls, are still used for that purpose. However, the digital wallpapers that decorate the walls of our social media webpages, the background of our desktop computers, laptops and mobiles seem to be more important to most people.

Anything can be used as a marketing tool nowadays and wallpapers certainly are not an exemption. Choosing the right wallpaper determines the overall aesthetic of the digital space and could be the key to attracting engagement towards it. Therefore, brands, including influencers, are quite careful when it comes to selecting wallpapers for their personal or business pages. 

For the above mentioned reasons sites like Pinterest have taken over the internet. Pinterest, a visual focused online social media platform enables its users to access the largest free image based data on the internet. Simple interface makes Pinterest easy to navigate. You can create an unlimited number of collections to help categorize images with different topics and themes into viewable files. You can also use third party platforms that will help you boost the number of followings or repins your collections get. 

Different wallpapers are used for different purposes

Some people prefer large bold and colorful expressions of their aesthetic while others like minimalistic style with simple texts and a single color background. The choice should depend on what you are going to use the wallpaper for. It is way more similar to choosing a real wallpaper for your apartment than you think. Except a lot more people are going to see it and therefore you have to take that into consideration as well. 

Anything, if it has or is converted into the form of an image can be used as a wallpaper. Look through the millions of personal page profiles on various social media websites and you will be convinced. Popular brands use the ad images created for their current campaigns as a wallpaper displayed on their dashboard for a time being. It draws attention of the visitor to whatever important is happening at that moment. 

Types of wallpapers

We are not going to discuss the real wallpapers here. But there are different types of wallpapers in the digital world too. Functional, or in other words animated and still wallpaper are the two main types. Animated wallpapers are a relatively new invention and require a special type of update of your electronic devices to be utilized. Still wallpapers include any image you can find. 

Aside from the already pre-made wallpapers, you are free to create them yourself. As difficult as it may sound at first, the process is actually quite simple. You can either convert some of the photos you take as one, or you can use platforms like Photoshop and its services to create something completely anew. If you are worried about not being able to work with the tools platforms similar to Photoshop offer, the advice here would be to start with free tools for newbies. They are relatively simple but equipped enough to create just about anything you desire. Creating your own wallpapers means custom design and making it look exactly the way you have it pictured in your head. The process can be hard when you are just starting but with practice it gets better. You can share them online and get the feedback from the others too.


One last thing, it doesn’t matter the type of wallpaper you are using or the purpose, always make sure something that is not created by you, is copyrighted by its owner. Therefore, if you are going to make a use of it you have to either credit the owner or pay them. Either way, you have to ask for their permission. Especially if you are using it for business purposes be it your company or personal branding. Using copyrighted wallpapers can cause some serious damage. Otherwise, you are free to explore and enjoy.