There are a lot of builder services out there that will offer you to build your granny flat. However, try not to rely on all of them. Choosing the best granny flat builder can be tricky since it comes with serious consequences. To make the right choice, you should avoid committing the following mistakes:

Selecting The Wrong Type of Builder

Some homeowners tend to choose the wrong type of builder. Unfortunately, it is one of the common mistakes that we have seen today. You can convert your garage or shed into a granny flat by hiring a builder who can do this type of job.

Most builders are only skilled at building new granny flats. However, others can do both.

Cheapest Is Not Always the Best

It is human nature for people to go for the cheaper options. However, when it comes to building a granny flat, you should not compromise the quality. Most often, cheap builder services will use low-quality materials that won’t last long since they are not durable.

Do some research and try to look for a service that is suitable for your budget. There are top-notch services out there that can offer you competitive rates.

Builders That Provide Quotes Without Complete Information

Sometimes some builders will provide you with quotes even if they do not have complete information yet. It only means they are not entirely transparent, and there might be some hidden costs. Even if the builder provides you with a detailed plan of your project along with the quote, it does not mean that it is transparent.

When choosing your granny flat builder, you should always ask for a comprehensive quote and make sure that it includes everything from top to bottom.

Builder That Is Not Experienced in All Types of Granny Flat Solutions

When it comes to construction, experience and skills are something that you should not compromise. However, to understand the quotes and plans, you should also familiarise yourself with certain terms. If you are not knowledgeable about granny flat terms, you will have a hard time figuring out your options and what is being offered to you.

Once your potential builder realises that you are well informed about granny flats, they can offer you advantageous options.

Ignoring Reviews of the Builder Service

Not reading reviews of your builder service will be your huge mistake. Instead, it would be best if you investigated your potential builder’s reliability, credibility, and experience. Nevertheless, word of mouth is still the best method of finding a good builder.

If the builder is competent and reliable, then most likely, they have a remarkable reputation. In other words, you can assure that you can trust this builder.

Not Knowing Who Is Building Your Granny Flat

Another mistake that you should avoid is not knowing who is constructing your granny flat. Perhaps the builder you have been talking to is not the one who is constructing the granny flat. If this is the case, the builder most likely only provides you with a quote and hires somebody else to do the job.

To avoid this mistake, make sure that you can the builder’s contact details who is supposed to do the physical work. Be sure that this is included in your contract as well.