Fat or lean does it really matter in the bedroom? When it comes to intimacy or getting physical everyone has their own theory. But the actual truth and fact are yes, weight matter a lot during sex. Weight has the special power to enhance or diminish sexual performance and pleasure between couples. Being overweight not only leads to lifestyle chronic diseases but also restrains sex life. Desires, sexual pleasure, sex drive, and orgasm all are essentially linked to weight. So it is noteworthy to make sure weight does not hamper sex life.

Does Weight Matter in the Bedroom

To know more about how weight can affect sex life and have a long-term impact on intimacy and sexual performance here are some insights:

Physical limitations

Everyone wants sex and desire that should not be limited physically. Being overweight can restrict some sex positions and couples find it hard to explore different positions they love during intercourse.

Excessive weight never leads to satisfying and pleasurable sex. Individuals who are heavy or overweight tend to have low self-esteem which also promotes negative body image for them.

Physical limitations can be prevented simply by shedding some pounds and couples can enjoy every sense of it.


In women being heavy can lead to abnormal conditions in their ovary (eggs) which make it complicated to fertilize and might lead to PCOS. Apart from this women who have excess weight likely to suffer from failed pregnancies and miscarriages.

Talking about men, it is directly linked to infertility, which means less or no sperm content.

Consuming fatty and unhealthy diets lowers the quality and quantity of sperm. Weight gain can make hormones out of whack both in men and women.

Low Libido

As per experts, excess body fat lowers the men’s sex hormone called testosterone which is responsible for regulating better sex drive (libido), muscle mass, production of sperm, and bone mass. Due to being overweight libido drops drastically which ultimately leads to low sex drive and poor sexual performance.

Losing weight will help to stimulate sex hormones and enhance sex drive. Though there are foods that can help to lose excess belly fat which can eventually raise the sex drive.

Supplements are nowadays in great demand not only in terms of weight loss but for general well-being. However, sometimes, it becomes confusing to choose, having the right guide will help to choose it much more effectively. They not only contribute to weight loss but also play a great role in bodily functions.

Microvascular disease

If both men and women are obese that it can be extremely hard to stimulate their sexual desires. Men who are obese are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It restricts and narrows downs the blood vessels which stops the blood flow around the genitals. Thus, men have to struggle with achieving and maintaining an erection during sex.

Although it can be treated easily. What happens is low content of testosterone can also cause high damage to cortisol and estrogen levels which can ultimately lead to impotence, lower libido, and hair loss.

The smart and healthy way to restore erection is to lose weight. Eating lesser and working out further can bring drastic changes to sexual activity.

Less intimacy and Body image issues

Everyone wants a certain kind of intimacy in their relationship but weight can hamper the intimacy between the two. It is a profound and real connection between couples which decreases because of unhealthy weight.

Excess weight on both or any partner can cause tons of body image issues which make them feel uncomfortable and underconfident. People who are overweight quite often scrutinize their bodies and themselves. Apart from weight and other health aspects, how one feels, how they accept their body also matters.

Talking it out, sharing insecurities, working out on weight might help to gain back confidence and privacy. In fact, getting fit together will more likely improve the bond and connection in the bedroom.


Weight can sabotage the sex life between the couple which is a vital part of a relationship. Our body weight influences our health and performance in multiple modes. Having a healthy and better sex life is linked to every aspect of love be it emotional, physical, or psychological health. One can take the help of trusted and viable sources online easily. Focus on every aspect of health being physical, mental, and emotional if you need a place to start with.

Body fat can disturb not only the quality of life but also the sex life between couples, social life, and work-life too. Thus, a good healthy weight for both partners is important for a better and improved sex life. Although getting some changes in lifestyle would help toward better sex drive arousal.