According to studies, more smokers all around the world are growing further accustomed to vape pens. Otherwise known as vaporizers, vape pens offer vapers the ability to be creative while vaping. With one, you can add your preferred e-juice flavor to your stash, set the temperature and vape away. However, the question, which vape pen you should purchase, is inevitable and sometimes tricky. This is particularly true for aspiring and novice vapers. So, before we answer questions such as what separates the two vape pens? Which is better? Can both be equivalently used? And more. Well, here is an overview of both.  

What is the difference?

Any seasoned vaper would probably spot the difference at first sight. Even so, the principal aspect that differentiates the two vaporizers is simple and easy to note. As their name suggests, dry herb vaporizers can vaporize dry herbs and flowers placed in their heating chamber. Also, it is impossible to take liquid substances with the vape pen. However, oil vaporizers offer the most suitable and effective method to use oils and concentrates. Below is a summary of each vaporizer.

  1. Oil Vaporizer

If perhaps you were using CBD (cannabidiol) for its numerous therapeutic benefits, and only had it in liquid form, the best alternative to a topical or oral application would be using an oil vaporizer. Oil vaporizers can also vaporize concentrates and isolates. The main difference that perhaps separates oil vape to a dry herb one is the novelty and variety it offers to vapers. Another disparity that disconnects the former to the latter is the storage facility. In most oil vape pens, the storage is mainly a liquid-holding tank, while in a dry herb vape, it is a combustion chamber. Nonetheless, there are other methods of comparisons that include checking and comparing the size of the vape.

  1. Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you are a beginner who wants the easiest way to distinguish between dry herb and an oil vape, looking at their storage chamber is a possibly good start. Most dry herb vaporizers use a heating chamber, where the vaper places their herb or flower, to turn the constituents into vapor. A dry herb vaporizer also offers a great blend of superior taste and ease of use. Nonetheless, convenience depends on the model of vape pen you have, experience and your mastery of the user-manual. When seeking a replacement or a new vape model for dry herb, pundits recommend you get a genuine and top-quality product, such as atmos jump vaporizers from a dependable retailer.  

What to consider

Before you buy a vape pen, whether it is an oil vape or a dry herb pen, you must put various considerations first. Things such as portability, pricing and quality of the vape pen are just a few areas you can start with. After purchasing your desired vaporizer, you will have to regularly clean and maintain it to keep it in good working condition. Alternatively, one can also go for traditional cheap bongs, which are cost-effective and have less maintenance than Vaporizers. However, there are other vital aspects worth noting before acquiring a vape pen. Here are a few:

  1. Quality of the vape

The quality of the vaporizer you purchase can determine the experiences you have. For instance, inferior vape pens tend to exacerbate an already worse condition. This they achieve by offering poor taste, even while using high-quality products. It is, therefore, crucial to locate dependable, reliable vendors and purchase high-standard vapes. Nonetheless, several cheap vape pens can offer an intriguing experience, almost equaling the expensive vapes.  

  1. Convenience

A vape pen that offers the comfort of use is preferable compared to one that is complex to operate. Whether you are looking for a dry herb vape or an oil vaporizer, ease of handle should be on your mind. Simplicity helps since it enables even amateur vapers to get the hang of vaping swiftly. Finding a vape that meets such specifications is easy since they are virtually all-over.

  1. User-specifications

Your needs also dictate the type of vape you will obtain. So, if you are new and want to get the best vaping experience, put your needs first. If you are on medication and are using CBD oil, for instance, it is only logical to employ an oil vape pen. However, if you are seeking the euphoric effect of cannabis, vaping flowers or dry herb via a dry herb vape is suitable. 

  1. Durability

A long-lasting vape pen saves you much money, especially since they are susceptible to eventual wear and tear. You can only find durable, reliable vape devices by contacting reputable retailers within your vicinity. Vape pens made of low-grade material are less enduring and can easily break if handled carelessly. However, regular maintenance is crucial to increase the longevity of your oil or dry herb vaporizer.

Which is the better option?


At this point, you already know that your choice of vaporizer depends on various factors. Even so, your vape pen will be most effective, depending on how you use it. You only get desirable results if you use your vape pen accordingly, depending on your situation. For instance, if you have liquid constituents that you would like to vape, an oil vaporizer is more effective. Solid particles such as dry herbs, however, would require the use of a dry herb vaporizer or a hybrid vape. 

Studies indicate that vape pens are a much safer way to intake recreational cannabis and nicotine products compared to traditional smoking. A high-quality vape pen device, regardless of price, should be your preferred choice whenever purchasing or replacing a vaporizer. Varying with your needs, you can either choose a dry herb or an oil vaporizer to suit them adequately.  


There is never the best or perfect vaporizer than all the rest. It all depends on your unique needs and specifications. If a vape pen can meet all your requirements, then it is perfect for your particular situation. Quality and value, however, is where the difference arises and where your concerns should be. Strive to acquire ultimate-quality products, especially if you intend to vape for a considerably long amount of time. Dry herb vapes are perfect for vaporizing solid materials as opposed to oil vapes that specialize in the vaping of liquids such as CBD vape oils. Always go for quality to ensure you get value for every buck spent.