Kettles are devices usually used for boiling water. There is a Tea Kettle that is heated up using a stove, and there is an Electric Kettle which only needs electricity. A Tea Kettle creates sharp noise which becomes louder, an indication your water is hot enough. An Electric Kettle only creates a quick click sound once, which is a sign your water is hot enough. In today’s age, it is easier to have boiled water through not needing to start a fire. You can plug it into a socket of electricity and wait. 

How Kettles Work

A Tea Kettle heats your water by contact of fire in the induction stove. Meanwhile, at the bottom of your Electric Kettle, you will find a metal coil inside which is connected by a large electrical current, the resistance of the element’s material turns the electrical energy into heat. For instance, the coil is in contact with the cold water that heats it. Some other designs of Electric Kettles have a plate at the bottom in which the coil is housed, the design is clearer, but the way it works is the same.  

Plastic vs Steel

It is recommended to use Steel Kettle than Plastic Kettle. Study researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and published in the journal ‘Toxicology Letters’ identified that plastic water bottles contain the toxic chemical bisphenol-A. 

They find out that electric kettles made out of plastic can release harmful BPA, especially when you heat your water with this.  

Things You Can Do with your Kettle 

Boil Water 

The main purpose of Kettles is to create hot water for your cup of tea or coffee, and even milk or choco. 

Steam Fried Egg 

Using your Kettle you can make steam fried egg using foil, butter, and especially the egg. You can do it by boiling water in your Kettle and then when it is hot enough, you can put your bowl on top of it covered by foil. Drop the butter inside the bowl and let it melt, now you can put your egg. Let the egg boil for some good 15-20 minutes before using it. 

Vegetable Soup 

It is easy as you can choose any vegetable you want; recommended are diced carrots, celery, potato, and green beans. You can also have your slice of garlic and onion cloves for the soup. Add your seasonings, spices, and herbs for the soup, and let it boil. You will then have your vegetable soup ready. 

Egg Burrito 

Crack as many eggs you want together with milk if you want or cheese and veggies; seal it to your ziplock bag. Afterward, you can put it on your Kettle with boiling water. Please wait until it has cooked and ready, serve it on a plate with lettuce.  

Mashed Potato 

Put your potato on your Kettle with water and let it boil. Check the doneness of your potato, and if It is good enough, you can mash them all; add your butter or even milk.