Nowadays, young people and young professionals shift to electronic cigarettes from their regular cigarette sticks. The process of using electronic cigarettes for smoking is vaping. Electronic cigarettes or also called vaping devices are electronic devices that are powered by batteries. These e-cigarettes hold chemicals that are sometimes flavoured and have nicotine at times that evaporate to a cloud of smoke or vapor through an atomizer. Unlike the typical tobacco or cigarette stick, it does not burn the item to produce smoke and toxins. The vapor from e-cigarettes is said to be safer compared to the regular cigarette stick or tobacco. We cannot deny the fact, though, that whether they smoke tobacco or vape, they are introducing chemicals or toxins in the lungs, which could put the person at risk for lung disorders.

Vaping is an effort to assist in the withdrawal of smokers from smoking. But in an article by NBC News in January 2020, instead of promoting smoking cessation, many young people are more acquainted with tobacco use because of vaping.


Vaping devices are comprised of a vessel to hold the flavoured (or non-flavoured) liquid called a pod/cartridge. Then it has a battery to power the atomizer to allow the liquid solution to evaporate into steam, and of course, a mouthpiece for the user to puff the vapor.



Vaping has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are first, it lessens the risks of second hand smoke, second, the user will not have a bad breath, third, nicotine levels can be manipulated until the person will be able to tolerate no nicotine, and lastly, it is more cost-effective since you will only buy the vaping device once and just fill it with e-liquid compared to buying cigarette sticks or boxes of cigarettes daily.


Vaping comes with disadvantages as well. More will be interested or hooked to smoking once they enjoy vaping. Too much vaping is also dangerous to immune system. And lastly, despite its better smell than your regular cigarette, it can be as distracting to other people as well.

As to their impact on health, both pose health risks but then again, it is always about the moderation of smoking or vaping.


E-cigarettes have various categories. There are e-cigs (or cig-a-likes) that appear and feel like an actual tobacco cigarette. The vape pens are available in different shapes and a bit larger than the cig-a-likes because of their large batteries and produce more steam. There are also vape mods, which are the more modern version of these devices, with advanced features and improved firepower which the user can also customize to make them more personalized. The last type is pod mods, which are the newest and smaller versions of these devices with extreme nicotine effects. The pod mods or electric pots are handy, light, and practical to use even in daily settings.

Caliburn A2 Pod

ECIGELM introduces their latest e-cigarette in an electronic pots type which is still part of the pod system. It is called the caliburn a2 Pod, which is suitable for novices and experts. It is part of the popular pod mods series this year, which is the Caliburn series. It is handy, convenient, and easy to carry. With Pro-Focs technology original from Unwell, it delivers clear and accurate scents from the liquid solution. It is also designed with a button that inhibits unintentional pressing. It is available in different attractive colours. For more information about the Caliburn A2 Pod and the Caliburn Series and other pods including their prices and other information about vaping devices, visit their website ecigelm.