Most of you thought stalking is a secret of you and your friends? Because same! By the way, take it easy, you are still at safe side. As, Facebook will only reveal how it stalks YOU. Ah, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg (breathe of relief).

Anyways, the officials of Facebook decided to give you an idea of how they stalk you (your profile) even when you are not online (sounds scary).

Like who knew Facebook App is watching us and oh, as well as tracking our activities.

Well, don’t fear because the scenario is different here. Facebook aim to tell us how we exactly sounds, communicate, or act (seems like a better option to know more about ourselves). Back in January, Facebook introduced a feature named ‘Off-Facebook Activity’. This trackers works on keeping a strict eye on the searches of users. I know you all must be feeling surprised because your ‘how it even happens’ mystery has been solved. Let me explain.

This happens for all of us that when we talk about something with someone even when we are having a one-on-one conversation. That exact things starts popping up on our newsfeed. And we get surprise and little worried that how is that even possible?  It was just an hour ago when I had a discussion on this product and here it is “wow”. Well, don’t be! This is the tracker of Facebook which keeps tracking your needs, yes even when you talk about it. Our microphones are all connected with the apps and when we talk about something which is available on the Facebook or being advertised by the brands on this app. Then, we eventually start receiving notifications or popup ads from the same brand or product. Now you understood how that writing service was showing your exact words ‘write my essay’ in their ads?

And oh, it doesn’t work like your web-browser’s history which you could clear within a moment of second. Here, you can’t clear or re-built your relationship with the Facebook app. Although, on the other side, users are being assisted with the transparency where you have facility to disconnect few of the scrutiny tools from your account of Facebook (take a chill pill, you still have an option to mold it).

By the way, let us give a little ‘be alert’ disclaimer because many users complaint and said that shopping or the stores which they did visit were found in the Facebook history as well *coughs*. Well, if you think that switching off your phone would save you from this then no. Even when your phone is off, still your visits will be tracked. Please relax! This is not the Facebook alone. Basically, these are the businesses that are in collaboration with the Facebook and when you pay a visit (even if it is a secret visit) you still become a potential customer for them and boom! Your profile will be then targeted for all those pop-up ads and different promotions.

Let me tell you that if you think that your privacy is being breached and it’s a matter of privacy violation then no. It’s just a partnership of this technological era. Facebook is creating loops of collaboration with different websites, Apps, and well as with stores which help in maximizing the customer reach and makes the Facebook ad works effectively.

Yeah, I know it sounds like an evil act and often an unsecured thing now. But, that’s a reality, you can say a bitter reality. By the way, this not only Facebook There are many firms who sell our data to Facebook. So yes, in some general ways, we can’t resist saying that our privacy is being violated and many are using our data without even our consent. And oh, how can forget about that apology session of Zuckerberg. But, do you think that was a real-thing? I mean still, we are standing on the same page.

On the lighter note, we can say that Facebook knows each of us more than our friends know. It knows all from major to minor details. What you like, who are your friends, mostly visited places, and whatnot. Maybe Facebook knows about your some secret friends too (just kidding). Anyways, none of us knew that the things we don’t even show on social platforms could be collected technically by the Facebook and can be used as a data.

I know your thoughts are twisting upside down and you must be wondering that how Facebook even do this. Same thing happen with me when one of my friend from 7$ essay website tell me about this Well, now you understood why those brands offer loyalty cards, credit cards and all other facilities? You can thank me later. Just enjoy all those E-card system thing right now and please, be careful too. Because, what you provide to your brands is being sell to the Facebook. Although there is no need to be worried because Facebook only use it target audience in most effective manner and integrates data to make to help brands in online promotions.

All we can say that avoiding this tracking tool of Facebook is impossible. Because, in this, your log-ins or log-outs matters nothing. Whether you are using Facebook, you are active or inactive nothing matters at all. All that counts is, your Facebook account and oh, your information (including all activities).