Five Unique Things To Do In London

When most people think of London, their mind springs to historic landmarks, iconic buildings, world-class art galleries, diverse museums, and live theatre. Although a visit to England’s capital should include all of the above, those who are hankering for a more unusual experience will be pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer. Just take a trip off the beaten path, and you will discover the quirkier side of London, where you can witness surgical demonstrations from the 1800s, old Victorian sewers, and ancient Roman temples. Here are 5 unique things to do in London for those who want to experience something a little different.

Take a Step Back in Time to the Roman Temple of Mithras

Beneath the city of London, you can find the reconstructed remains of the Roman Temple of Mithras. This ancient temple was first discovered in 1954 and has been restored to give visitors a chance to envision what Roman London would have been like around 2,000 years ago. Along with the temple, there are a selection of Roman artifacts and contemporary art commissions for you to peruse. This temple is free to visit, and you can find it beneath Bloomberg’s new European headquarters.

Discover London’s Victorian Sewage System

A visit to the Crossness Pumping Station will enlighten you on the history of London’s Victorian sewage system. This Grade I-listed industrial heritage site houses stunning, ornamental cast ironwork and restored working pumps. The surprisingly beautiful site was built in 1858 after the Great Stink to help London deal with its terrible sewage problem. This atypical attraction is only open on certain days, and all visits must be pre-booked.

Experiences a Virtual Reality Escape Room

When it comes to fun group experiences for people who enjoy a challenge, you can’t beat a virtual reality escape room. Many people have probably heard about virtual reality (VR) and escape rooms, but the combination of the two is something you need to experience at least once. At VR Escape Room London, your group will be transported to a virtual reality where you will have to explore new worlds, locations, or dimensions, follow prompts, and solve puzzles to escape your room. This free-roaming experience will equip your group with the most advanced, portable mobile VR technology so that you can become completely immersed in your mission.

Visiting the Old Operating Theatre

The Old Operating Theatre Museum in London Bridge is Europe’s oldest surviving operating theatre. This atmospheric operating theatre held surgical demonstrations in front of audiences without anesthesia. You can find the theatre by going up a spiral staircase and inside the attic of the early 18th-century church of the old St Thomas’ Hospital. This museum is excellent for those with a penchant for history and medicine, and you can watch live surgical demonstrations to get a real feel for surgical operations in the 1800s.

Go to the Beach

London is a bustling place that has plenty of things to see and do, which you would expect from any capital city. In addition to the conventional and unconventional attractions, many people might be surprised to find that you can also visit the beach too. The Ruislip Lido beach can be found in West London, and it boasts a sandy beach, a beautiful lake, and plenty of woodland trails to keep you occupied.