Sports enthusiasts worldwide often collect jerseys from their favourite players to celebrate an outstanding performance or fantastic season.

Many of these people opt to frame their jerseys to make a beautiful decoration and boast about their passion. If you belong in this group, jersey framing is an efficient way to preserve your collection. However, there are some steps to go about it properly.

Follow these tips to get the most from framing your treasured possessions:

Pick the Most Suitable Shadowbox Frame

When it comes to shadowboxes, it means putting additional depth into your frames. They are perfect for jerseys because the shadowboxes allow you to place physical objects in them, producing an excellent effect.

There are some factors that come with choosing a shadowbox  frame for your jersey:

  • UV Glass

You will want to protect your prized possession from harsh UV rays, as this can damage your items and cause discolouration over time.

Opt for an acrylic cover, as it is much safer and lighter than glass. It is also not as reflective as glass and cannot shatter the same way as glass.

  • Size

The frame you choose must be spacious enough for your jerseys. For example, if your favourite player is 7 feet tall, consider when picking your frame.

When measuring the frame, consider the distance you want to have between the frame and the jersey. Also, factor in the logos, inscriptions, and any additional objects you want to include inside the frame.

  • Colour

The frame must complement your jersey well. For example, if your jersey is in a dark colour, you may pick a black frame for it. Remember that it depends on your taste and preferences.

You may experiment and make the necessary adjustments based on the colour of the jersey you are framing. Moreover, think about where you will hang your frame and make sure it fits perfectly with the surroundings.

Jersey Must be Clean

The jersey must be clean when you decide to put it inside the frame. The perfect one for it is a new jersey.

However, if your favourite player has used the jersey, stop any idea not to wash the item because of sentimental value. Cleaning the clothing can help wash away the bacteria that may also cause fading.

If you are fortunate enough to have your jersey signed, you also need to protect the signature ink by taking the necessary precautions. Having a fresh and clean jersey will get you the most from framing.

Add Foam for Filling Out

When putting your prized possession in bespoke jersey framing, you want the final product to look amazing, and this includes having the proper filling.

Using foam for fill-out is crucial because the last thing you want is to have your favourite jersey hanging limply inside the frame. So, avoid this drastic look by adding a piece of foam inside the clothing.

By adding foam, you can see that the jersey looks natural in the frame. But know that this requires some skill, and you may need the help of an expert to make sure the filling will have a natural form.

If you consider putting some of your jersey collectibles in modern and stylish frames, a good option is to leave the job to the framing professionals. These are the ones who can understand your needs and meet them beyond expectations.