Purpose, passion, and proficiency are often interlinked, and each one of them has equal roles in determining one’s success.

But we know that it is easier said than done. It takes determination and courage to be able to take the risk when life throws a challenge at us only to make us stronger.

This is the story of Karam AboulHoda (popularly known as MrKay), a self-made young businessman of Dubai who made it to the list of millionaires by making passion and perseverance a part of his life and needless to say that he is the “Trendiest Businessman on Instagram” now.

With half-million followers on Instagram, this businessman being a motivator has been inspiring his millennials to push their boundaries and to think beyond their limits giving them enough reasons by sharing his life experiences and everyday musings.

It’s worth taking a peek into his life’s journey of unusual path evolving from “doing the things right to doing the right things.” Karam is a fifth born in his family, being a child he was very curious about the concept of buying and selling. “Curiosity is the best teacher they say” but for that, we need to be a good student too, and Karam proved it right. He understood the need for money to survive. While growing up in Dubai, he quickly got a sense that money could bring a lot more to life than survival. In his early teen years, while all his peers were busy experiencing puberty challenges and tending to socialize, he developed his interest on the concept of buying and selling and started to observe his father’s business patterns and took up responsibilities which taught him his best lessons.

Karam’s mindfulness helped him understand the fact that to succeed in any business, one needs to think from the point of view of his target customers. This thinking made him feel the need to put himself in his customer’s shoes, and so he implemented few tricks and strategies, which significantly improved the performance and results of his father’s business.

It is important to note that “he did what needs to be done.” This is how he educated himself from his own experiences and learned valuable lessons which brought him closer to his treasured ambitions and his ongoing self-reflection from his life lessons had enabled him to start seeing what he really wanted from his future.

He then took himself through the university to add more factual knowledge and strategy to his business instincts after which he focused on expanding his business and invested in right places, and never turned back since then. Today, at the age of twenty-eight he is enjoying the fruits of his hard work and inspiring thousands of millions of millennials. His business activities include media, education, real estate, green energy development and sports services.

Karam has many hobbies, among which are riding luxurious cars, traveling, experiencing luxury, and being fashionable. He has a fleet of his favorite cars, which include Porsche, Mercedes, the mighty-muscle Dodge and few other desert cars. He is a definite hit on social media for his motivation and love of luxury living. Instagram, where he enjoys himself and shares his experience across to the world, to learn and evolve. His most infamous quote is “always adapt to the changing times, it’s a mistake to hold on to what doesn’t work, even if it worked in the past.”

This is how his tactics in doing things right and his strategies in doing right things in which he believed helped him build his brand to what he is now.