Today, we discovered the ultimate solution of Telecommunication pain point, when there is a phone number change.

LetzwApp Communications with app idea from Sriram Varadhan (Founder) created a new, popular mobile app that is extremely efficient and vital in today’s busy lives. We made sure to enable for anyone using the “LetzwApp” feature, the possibility to switch phone numbers with no problem.

How can this be possible?

LetzwApp is available on any iOS and can be found on Google Play or Apple Store as the newest phone number changer app. LetzwApp brings you the following benefits:

ü Independence from telecommunication providers;

ü A valid solution when signal is out;

ü One mobile for many phone numbers;

ü Secured process by OTP

ü Never lose your contacts;

ü User-friendly interface;

ü One-click update;

ü All-systems support (including Android Version 6 Or Later, and iOS 9 or Greater)

LetzwApp is a unique, innovative product for the Telecommunication IT markets because it transcends the connectivity problems that other providers have. Now, as a mobile customer, you can enjoy the full efficiency of your mobile, without the worry of losing important matters.

LetzwApp, together with LetzRock are two starter mobile apps that solve global issues in the Telecommunication and Media sector. The Apps are patented and designed with responsibility and care for our users.

The Unique, Innovative Strengths of LetzwApp

As a founder of LetzwApp, I know when I say that this App solves so many of the customer’s issues. That is the target of LetzwApp – with a secure process, it swaps contacts from one phone number to the other by using the same mobile device.

So, when you are out of signal, you can change contacts on another phone number, regardless of network provider, so you get back on track without missing any contact from your list.

When you are tired of using 3 or 5 different mobile devices for your private, office or home phone numbers, you can simply go with one solution.

Plus, you are not suck with a long-term contract from your mobile network and pay high costs for a limited service. The LetzwApp doesn’t make a difference between networks and providers; everyone has access to it from any mobile device.

At the moment, on the market, there isn’t an automated solution for swapping phone numbers without losing contacts.

LetzwApp brings you a digital, efficient solution – you don’t have to inform your contacts each time you change the phone number. LetzwApp makes sure to automatically update your new phone number directly in your contact’s phone books. You can temporarily assign any number for as long as you like and how many times you like.

It is the perfect solution for users that travel a lot, be it pleasure or business or for busy people that have to always keep in touch.

Now, you can test LetzwApp and see its vital use by:

Download it via AppStore or Google Play for FREE during 2 months of trial.

Check the LetzwApp presentation on YouTube or contact the LetzwApp team and ask any question that will help you.

Update your mobile device with a secure contact list by using the LetzwApp. Keep your contacts regardless of the phone number you use.

Be one the first testers of innovative apps. Give it a try!