4k video making is getting common day by day, because the price for 4k high definition cameras is getting cheaper with every passing year.

4k resolution is named so because of its four times more capabilities of making videos. Unlike other videos, 4k videos are more reliable but you cannot watch 4k videos with the same internet speed.

According to business recorder, by year 2025 almost 60 percent of world population, who are using cameras will be using 4k cameras for making content.

Firstly, for watching or editing a 4k video you must have an internet speed of 10mbps. Moreover, the device which will be used for watching 4k videos must offer resolution of 3840×2160.

Secondly, 1024 shades of primary colors which are red, blue and green. Along with it HDR, lastly the best combination of lighter and darkest brightness. This saturation level can affect the viewing capability of viewers.

Standards for 4k videos

4k videos require, H.265 compression for a complete and effective video coverage. Google has also introduced this video compressor, VP9, it supports a video with 50 percent reduced bandwidth. VP9, is supported by every popular web browser.

4K video for YouTube Uploading

For making a 4k video, you need some separate expertise. For the last two years, YouTube has allowed to upload 4k video to YouTube.

The most important part for making a 4k video is the equipment. New YouTubers, must keep in mind that they are supposed to buy the best cameras which have got a 4k lens.

The jerky shots are a complete no, in 4k shooting. You ought to get a camera with an efficient handle, so that the recording must stay smooth.

How to edit a 4k video through VideoProc

Here you will learn what can be done for editing a 4k video for YouTube uploading. In this section I will discuss video editing through VideoProc.

You can have this software, for multiple video editing, converting and resizing tasks. VideoProc software is developed by a devoted company known as Digiarty Software, Inc., which was developed for DVD converter, ripping and copying. Gradually they expanded their services and products for 4K videos. Now almost 9 million people use this software for solving various issues related to 4k video editing.

Here are the tips for using VideoProc to edit and convert 4K videos.

Free download VideoProc for Windows and Mac. Here is system requirements:

That is to say, even your computer is old. You can also use VideoProc to process and edit 4K videos for YouTube.

1. Cutting the video 

Cutting your video requires a lot of analytical skills. You do not always need to cut the emphasized parts. Sometimes the video makers think that they need to cut the video from the repeated parts.

Open VideoProc and select the video option, add the videos, after you have uploaded that video click cut option in the edit window. Now drag the knob to cut the part you wish to cut. Click the “CUT” option and get a trimmed video just in a few seconds.

If in case you do not like the trimmed video then you can end the operation just by a single click.

When you are cutting the video make sure that the original video is still intact. This will help you in understanding the need of further changes, or in case you want to rewind your video.

2. Merging videos of different format 

If your videos is recorded with 4K HEVC codec, then you would meet the problem that it can’t be played under Windows. VideoProc can easy and quick convert

If you have got VideoProc by your side then there is a high chance that video merging process will be extremely easy. Most users claim that it is the quickest and easiest way for merging videos.

Here are several ways to merge videos of different formats. The easiest one is using the Merge button in the main interface:

3. Resizing/ compressing the video

Resizing and cropping video are the same but sometimes, people consider resizing as compressing the video. 4K video is very huge is size, downscale 4K to 1080P will save much space. VideoProc is the easiest 4K video compressor and resizer. Once you load 4K video into VideoProc, in the codec option, you can change the video resolution

Select the compressing strength and the output file size. Before choosing the output, it is extremely important to know the effects of all these compressing strengths so that you must not feel any sort of hesitation or doubt in choosing any of them.

4. Removing noise 

Noise can affect the quality of your video, especially when it comes to YouTube video. There are multiple video editors, software which can be used for de-noising your video, after you have downloaded a suitable software search for aftereffects options.

There you will get an option of, removing noise, select it in decide the density of the removal.

A Solution

Here are other good 4K video editing features in VideoProc, such as rotate video by 90°/180°/270°, reframe in 30/60/120/240fps, convert 4K HEVC H.265 to H.264 to play on Windows, etc. All are good options for solving 4K video uploading issues to YouTube. You simply need to get your hands on this wonderful software.

Even if you do not get to understand the usage of this software, you can have an idea about all its features through the online tutorials which are available at the site. Or you can watch the video to learn how to edit 4K videos with VideoProc.