Adjacent to Washington, DC, Bethesda is one of the most affluent and best places to live in the United States. With a population of more than 64,000, you can find various apartments and condominiums to live in this urban city.

All the residential and commercial properties come with the best-in-class technology drainage system. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your taps and faucets can help to avoid plumbing issues.

If you face any faucet-related problems in this city, you can contact the best Bethesda plumbing services in your locality. They will offer expert services for all drainage problems in your homes and offices.

This article will guide you about the common faucet problems that need an expert solution.

Leaking Faucet

It is one of the most common problems you will see in Bethesda homes. You can find leakage in different places like under the handle, at the base of the spout, or from the spray head.

Depending on the problem area, your Bethesda plumbing company will help to repair the faucet or replace it. They will disassemble the faucet handles and inspect the sink to identify the issue.

The average service cost for residential plumbing contractors is $100.38 per hour, and for commercial contractors, it is around $130.65 per hour.

Weird Noises in the Faucet

A noisy faucet that makes a constant whistling or chattering noise can be irritating for the ears. Incorrect-sized washers or mineral deposits in the aerator can be the reason for this noise.

A plumbing expert in Bethesda will examine the root cause of the problem. They will help remove the aerator, fix a new washer, or install a pressure regulator to reduce noise.

The cost for faucet repairs and pipe installation in Bethesda is around $30-$44 per hour. The expert Bethesda plumbing service will provide the best service at reasonable rates.

Loss of Water Pressure

Limescale build-up within your faucet can reduce the water pressure from the pipes. The aerator on the pipes has a mesh covering. These holes get filled with debris and minerals and clog the pipes.

A plumber will remove the mesh cover from a plier, clean it up, and replace it with the faucet. They can either use a  mixture of vinegar and lemon or clean it off with a small brush.

According to a recent statistic, the average cost a homeowner paid for leak detection in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2021 is around $100.

No Water Coming Out from Taps

When you see no water coming out of your taps, you must check the main valve or stopcock to check if the water supply is uninterrupted.

A very high-pressure drop can also choke up a faucet and stop the water flow.

Failure of the Actuator

An actuator is a component that helps in the movement while opening or closing the faucet. Failure of the actuator can occur in faucets that use electricity while operating.

It is imperative to contact professional plumbing services that carry plumbing inspection certification. According to the Maryland Department of Labor, a master or a journey plumber must have undergone extensive training and written examination to obtain the certificate.

Hence, you must verify the background of your plumbing contractor before you hire one to handle your faucet problems.

You must check their Maryland State Board of Plumbing license before they start their job.