There is a common question between everyone, how exactly weather can affect our mood.

For instance, does hot weather change our mood and make us more aggressive and insecure? Most of us feel happier when the weather is sunny! Or we might feel a little gloomy when it is raining!

In this article, we are going to find out how hot and cold temperatures impact people’s daily lives.

  • Lack of Sunlight Links to Depression.

You might be familiar with what SAD is: It stands for”Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).” People will suffer SAD mostly in the winter months as the days are shorter, gloomy, and dark. Obviously, this gloomy atmosphere will manifest in the mood of people.

The scientific reason is related to the amount of melatonin and serotonin released in your body:

When your body has less exposure to sunlight, melatonin will be produced, which is why you feel sleepy. This sleepiness will cause your brain to release serotonin – a neurotransmitter that affects mood, appetite, sleep, and sexual desire.

  • Cold Temperatures Lead to Physical Tiredness.

As Cold temperatures reduce muscle strength and blood flow, you find it difficult to roll out of bed in winters. So, it will have an impact on your performance of physical tasks. To overcome your tiredness, you have many solutions. One of which is to let in some sunlight by opening your curtains the moment you wake up. Make sure your work and home environments are as light as possible. After that, having a 15-minute stretching can be a good idea. Another solution is eating the right and healthy food, as it is going to affect your energy level.

  • Rain Can Provoke You for Eating More

As mentioned before, the lack of sunlight on rainy days will end up causing serotonin levels to drop. As serotonin levels decrease, carbohydrate cravings will also increase! The best solution here is to control our winter appetite. You can do this by finding a lower-cal plan for your everyday food. Drink more tea and coffee. Don’t forget vegetable soups!

  • Sunlight Makes You Spend More Money

People prefer to spend more money on days with more daylight. The most straightforward sign can be the increasing demand for ice cream during hot weather! The reason is that the sunshine makes us feel more positive and hopeful; thus, we’d prefer to shop more!

  • The Weather Has an Impact on Allergies

The weather definitely affects allergies, and seasonal allergies can disturb your sleep and daily routine; consequently, this disturbance will have a significant impact on your mood. Wind can make allergies worse. Strong winds will spread dust far and wide. So, this can cause your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth extra exposure to allergens, and you will suffer more undoubtedly! Also, high humidity will create more allergy symptoms.

In Conclusion

Research has shown that the weather does have an impact on our moods and thoughts, based on scientific reasons, and it is an undeniable fact. But do not let this fact control your life; as you should protect your home against harsh weather conditions, you need to protect yourself, too! You can try most of the aforementioned solutions in this article to prevent those negative effects.

Author Bio

Mia Ackerson is a Melbourne-based freelancer who is interested in business, technology, interior design, home improvement, gardening, baking, and cooking! She’s also a babysitter! You can follow her on twitter.