Moving is anything but easy. It’s a stressful event that many homeowners loathe. Don’t get this wrong – moving to a bigger and fancier house is great. If anything, everyone wants that. However, the hustle that comes with it is annoying for most people. And that’s why many opt to call furniture removal experts to come and help them out.

Furniture has to be the hardest part of moving. Typical pieces of furniture are bulky and tiring to move with. Thus, a lot of homeowners opt to get rid of them before moving. There’s no point exhausting yourself as you carry what you no longer need. For instance, if you have old furniture, you’d better find a way of getting rid of it. The question is, which way to go with furniture removal?

Call a Furniture Removal Company

Even though there are tons of furniture removal companies available online, you must choose the right one. Some have exaggerated rates that’ll end up affecting your moving budget.

On the contrary, other furniture removal companies have affordable rates with pretty decent services. To get a fair estimate of how much the service will cost you, be clear and detailed when outlining your junk. However, you’ll get the final cost once they have sent their staff on site.

Schedule a Curbside Pickup

For some locations, you can easily get a free curbside pickup for your old piece of wood. However, it’s still important that you find out this information before leaving it outside. Normally, in most states and localities, you’ll get one free pickup for bulky items

Haul it To the Dump

This should, however, be your last resort when other methods fail. Taking furniture to the landfill on your own is a tall order. Depending on your proximity to the dumpsite, you might have to go on several trips. This will also depend on the size of your truck.

Most dumpsites will receive your old furniture freely. Nonetheless, others will still require you to pay a certain sum for the furniture admission. Still, if you don’t have a vehicle to help you out with this plan, consider calling a furniture removal company.


A donation is a feasible option, especially if the charity group offers to come and pick up the item. Most charitable organizations offer free pickup services for different household items. You only need to reach them through their website and schedule a pick up after filling in your zip code.

The best part about donation is that you can get tax relief for doing it. Just be sure to keep the records safe until they can help you get relief.

Give To Family and Friends

The reality is that some of the old pieces of furniture you want to throw away are still in mint condition. You know what they say about charity, right? – It begins at home. Consider giving your stuff to close friends and family who may be in need.

Raise the matter as a, by the way, asking them if they might be interested in your stuff. You might be shocked at how fast they agree to take them. You can even take a picture of the item and send it to your family WhatsApp group, or even directly via email. Even though this doesn’t bring you money, you’ll have reduced the burden of heavy furniture. And hey, who says they can’t love the item to an extent of giving a slight token of appreciation?


There are two ways to do this for furniture removal. The first way is the conventional way of organizing a garage sale. Many experts advise that the first Saturday of the month may be the best day for a garage sale. Otherwise, liaise with your neighborhood to know when they set their garage sales. Important notes about garage sales include:

  • Give the buyers a great deal.
  • Be willing to negotiate.
  • Get your items ready on time.
  • Publicize your event through advertising.

On the flip side, you can use a more modern way of selling used items – advertising it online. Chances are that you might find someone interested in your old piece of furniture. They may even be excited enough to come for it personally. Selling is an ideal furniture removal method as it earns you extra money.

Consider Scrappers and Waste Management Agencies for Furniture Removal

Trashing your furniture is an option to use when nobody is buying or picking it up for free. Again, a furniture removal company comes in handy to come and help you move the bulky pieces of furniture to the scrappers.

Scrappers are, however, choosy when it comes to the furniture they can take in. Preferably, it should be metallic furniture. Not just any metal but the non-ferrous variant alone. As for the waste management company route, most don’t take in oversized items. Thus, you’ll need to confirm this beforehand.

Final Thoughts

When moving, you want a hustle-free experience. And that’s why using these methods can help you achieve that. Contact the nearest furniture removal company for assistance, in case you feel stuck.