The human body can survive around two weeks without food, but you can’t go past a few days without water intake. Water is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body, but water pollution is a real thing, and you need to avoid toxic and polluted water at all costs.

Every workplace or household needs an efficient water filtration system to make sure the quality of water is good, and it does not contain any harmful chemical substances. Clean and pure water will help you avoid diseases and other issues. Most filters use the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technique to disinfect water. Let us know more about the working of an RO water filter.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filter and Its Various Components

An RO purifier guides the water through a semipermeable membrane so that all contaminants and harmful chemicals are trapped inside it. Pesticides, chlorine, ions, and microorganisms are filtered out from water.

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most successful water purifying techniques used by most filter systems. Various components play a vital role in the complete purifying process. Here are the main components involved:

  1. Pre-Filter

When water enters through the purifier, it enters the pre-filter first, which is made of carbon filters and sediment. Chlorine, dirt, and bigger particles are trapped here, protecting the inner membrane from structural damage. Pre-filter should be in mint condition as it can save a lot of repair costs.

  1. RO Semi-Permeable Membrane

How Does the Water Filtration System Work


The main part of an RO water filter is the reverse osmosis semi-permeable membrane. After passing through the pre-filter, water enters the semi-permeable membrane. It traps all contaminants and waste particles before releasing water into the storage tank.

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  1. Storage Tanker


After purification, clean water leaves the membrane and enters the storage tank. Different water filters have varying storage tank sizes. While purchasing a water filter system for your home and office, make sure you double-check the storage capacity. You should not spend extra money on a large-capacity water filter that you won’t use.

  1. Post-Filter

Right before the water filter releases clean water outside, water travels through a post-filter made up using carbon. Post-filters help tackle bad smells and increase the overall taste of water. In most water purifiers, clean water does not have any impurities, but it has a bad saline taste. You may feel awkward when taking a sip of this water.

A good RO water filtration system ensures that not only is your water clean and safe to drink, it also tastes good like natural water.

  1. Drain Pipe


As the name suggests, a drain pipe is that part of an RO water purifier that drains all contaminants and waste particles out of the system. It is really useful because there is no point in keeping all waste material and it should be removed immediately. A regular check of the drainage pipe must ensure that contaminants can get mixed with clean water again.

  1. Ultra-Violet Disinfection

A UV lamp is used in this method of disinfection to ensure clean drinking water. High-powered UV light, called UV-C, is used on water. It enters pathogens and makes them ineffective. The DNA of pathogens is altered, which prohibits them from multiplying further.

Microorganisms can build immunity against chemicals, but it is impossible for them to tackle UV rays. Ultra-violet disinfection eliminates 99.9% of all micro living organisms in the water. Sediment filters are also used to remove silt and all organic contaminants.


Health should be the priority of every human being, and drinking adequate water every day is a necessity. When the water level in your body is what it should be, you will live a healthy and fit life. In today’s time, it is really necessary to get clean drinking water to prevent water-borne diseases.

You should buy an affordable and efficient water filtration system for your home and workplace. It ensures a supply of clean water and keeps you, your family, and everyone around you fit and healthy. We hope you learned everything about the mechanism of an RO water purifier and will soon get one installed if you haven’t done it already.