To ensure the prolonged life for your beloved iPhone you gotta maintain and care for your iPhoneboth in terms of hardware and software. Here are a few tips on iPhone physical maintenance:

#1 Always clean the charging port

Whenever you face difficulty while charging your phone, you might blame the clogged Lightning port. To clear that junk you can toothpick or a SIM removal pin. Make sure you handle it smoothly and don’t damage the lightning port. Try to keep your phone in a clean place. Use a mobile holder or a space to keep your phone as soon as you reach home. Even after all the dirt removal hacks didn’t help. There might be some issues in the hardware, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

#2 Keep your Speaker and Microphone clean

Cleaning an iPhone’s speaker and microphone is essential for its better performance. At times failing to clean them can affect call quality, music playback, and your ability to access Siri.

To clean these surfaces start with soft-bristled toothbrush and gently rub in the zigzag motion over the speakers and microphone openings and clear the debris. After cleaning thoroughly get a piece of tape over the area to clear the remaining dust and lift it away. You can use the brushes exclusively available to clean these parts, it is available online on Amazon and Apple stores. Do not use any other household items or any kind of compressed air as it can damage the membranes of speaker and microphones.

#3 Get rid of the germs on your phone

Phones get dirty and germ stuffed as we carry them everywhere. We need to get rid of these germs and give polish to our devices very often as it is important in the hygiene and health point of view.

Apple advises users to use a soft, damp, lint-free cloth material to clean the device. Avoid usage of water, because you may end up in getting water in various ports, buttons and other openings. Do not use any harsh material or scratch causing material. Because heavy cleaning can damage the iPhone fingerprint sensors.

You could use any sanitizer or the phone cleaning liquids available on Amazon and Apple stores.

#4 Keep the Headphone Jack clean

iPhone 6s or earlier versions have a headphone jack, you must clean it regularly to prevent the dust clogging in your device.

Clean the headphone jack with the help of some cotton swap and rubbing alcohol. You can even use a toothpick, but make sure you are gentle while using them on your device. 

The above ones were tips to How to Care for Your iPhone on hardware.

How to Care for Your iPhone – Software Maintenance Tips

#5 Check on the iPhone Battery 

Battery life of an iPhone plays a significant role. But how many of us care about its maintenance? Caring for your iPhone battery can extend its durability and helps it to perform well. Most of the heavy users only complain about battery life. They struggle to keep the phone working till the end of the day if this happens every day it will worsen the condition of your battery’s life. You can ease this problem slightly by recalibrating your iPhone’s battery regularly. Following this method can slow down the battery-draining process and increase its overall lifespan.

#6 Add more iPhone Storage Space

The higher prices on the packages of iCloud storage can make many users go for less internal storage. There won’t be much storage space left on the device if you click lots of pictures or stay connected over social media or if you keep playing games. In no time you would reach the storage limit and you would be unable to download any new apps or click new pictures. Be smart enough in clearing all the old and unnecessary data.

Try deleting unused apps and files that acquire a lot of spaces such as old videos or any media files, clips, etc.

#7 Always make sure you Backup Your Data

It is not that simple to lose your valuable or important data or media files. Make sure you have backed up all the important data regularly. This can also help you in making more space on your device. Hence it is better to plan on your iPhone iCloud storage plans wisely. You can even use other options such as iTunes or third party options.

#8 Have you tried turning your device on and off again?

It is the oldest remedy for any electronic devices. If you had never let the battery run out, it is time to Restart your iPhone. Rebooting your iPhone has a lot of benefits, this covers fixing memory leaks, freeing up the RAM space, preventing crashes and improves the battery life.

#9 Regularly Update your Applications

Who wouldn’t like the smooth functioning of the device? To support this process may applications work on the bugs and fix bugs every day, users should update the applications regularly to enjoy new features. It is recommended to update new software to keep in pace with new technology. 

We would suggest you enable automatic updates for your iOS devices.

To do this-

  • Go to Settings
  • iTunes and App Store
  • Slide the toggle next to Updates into On position

#10 Check on App Settings

App’s setting menus change over time. Hence you should seldom run through menus to make sure that apps are still set up in the way you want them to be. You might have noticed that some settings let you use less mobile data. This works true on social media applications where they provide new features with new updates now and then, to ensure privacy eroding and to be in pace with the new trends.

These were some tips on how to care for your iPhone on both hardware and software point of view. For any kind of iPhone services- Contact Repair My Phone Today for best prices in the city.