There are many benefits associated with watching sports. These include a lower risk of depression, stronger relationships, and an active mind. It is clear that settling down in front of the small screen is something that can also help to relax you if you are feeling anxious or stressed out for any reason.

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The first step to getting this right is in choosing the right sport to watch. By looking at some of the world’s most popular spectator sports, we can see which one might be best for you. Might one of the following provide exactly what you are after?

Soccer for Skills and Unpredictability

This is the most-watched sport around the planet, with millions of people from numerous countries tuning into big games in the World Cup and the Champion’s League. Fans of this sport tend to enjoy the skill levels and the unpredictability, with top players such as Lionel Messi capable of outstanding feats.

Among the downsides for some fans is the fact that soccer lacks the regular breaks of most American sports, with games simply divided into two halves of 45 minutes. There can also be lulls in the action and some games end up with no goals scored and very little in the way of goalmouth action.

Basketball for Lots of Points Scored

The non-stop action and the high number of points scored in each game make basketball perfect if you want to see lots of excitement from start to finish. This sport is packed with end to end action and has featured big names like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Shaquille O’Neal over the years.

A professional game lasts for four quarters of 12 minutes each. However, they also include a lot of stoppages too. Games have also started to run for longer in recent years due to rules changes. It is regarded as a popular sport for betting purposes too, and you can find NBA expert predictions for the draft top picks online to help you get started.

Football for Huge Events

NFL games attract huge television audiences in the US, especially for massive games like the Super Bowl. Earlier in 2019, viewing figures of 15.8 million per game were reported for the league for the 2018/19 season. Star players worth looking out for include the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Donald.

The duration of an NFL game is over three hours. With lots of break in the play, this sport is ideal for a spectator who wants to talk to friends or do some other things while keeping an eye on the screen. Of course, when it comes to the Super Bowl, the half-time show is one of the highlights not to be missed.

Ice Hockey for Fast Action

The NHL provides fast, exciting games with many tough challenges and controversial talking points along the way. Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux are generally accepted to be the best players of all time. A first–time viewer might struggle to keep up with the pace of the action, but experienced fans can spot the skills and tactics easily enough.

NHL games tend to run for about two and a half hours. This is broken down into three periods that each last for 20 minutes, with two intermissions. However, it is worth remembering that the clock only counts down when the puck is in play.

It is possible to find the perfect sport for your tastes if you put some thought into it. By considering the length of the games and the type of action involved, you should be able to find something that is right for your personality and lifestyle.