Camping should be enjoyable. Everything from the location to the gear can add to your camping experience. While camping, you want to find something when you want it. It’s a race against time. You’d be so disappointed if you misplaced an item and were forced to postpone a day’s activity.

Here’s where camping boxes come in. Camping storage boxes help you organize your things in ideal places. You can use containers and bins to store your items while camping.

Choosing the proper camping storage is a hard task. But this guide has the steps to help you make the right selection.

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1. Consider Your Storage Needs

You’ve got to start right. Think about what you want to store. Some items need a storage box with a lid. Other things are just as safe when stored in a container without a cap. Once you’re sure you need a storage box you can close, you can get one with a cover.

Search on the internet for the best storage box with lid. Specifying your needs on the search engine makes it quick to get what you want.

Consider whether you’ll mount your storage box on your roof rack or lay it on the ground. Ask yourself whether you’ll leave the storage bins outside as you sleep in the tent. If so, you’ll need a storage box you can latch securely. Only so can you keep unwanted insects out of it. Again, if it is outside, your storage box better be water-resistant.

You’ll need to know what you’ll store in your storage bin. It could be your camping gear. Some gear, like lenses and mirrorless cameras, are sensitive. They’d need a more robust camping storage bin. Other stuff like clothes and food also require unique camping containers.

As you think about your needs, shape limitations should be essential. Consider the size of the storage box versus your storage needs. Overlanders and campers need more space. Ensure you measure your storage space before getting a storage box.

2. Durability

Camping storage bins should be resilient. They should be made of materials that are safe from wear and tear from everyday use. Sadly, not all camping storage boxes can withstand heavy use. You’d be safer and more comfortable with a durable storage bin.

Go for storage boxes with polypropylene material. These bins are labeled PP. PP is a common durable plastic material. High-density polyethylene labeled HDPE is also long-lasting.


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HDPE and PP will, however, degrade if you constantly expose them to UV and atmospheric oxygen. The effect of these elements is discoloration. Propylene can also become vulnerable if you expose it to below-freezing temperatures.

So if you are leaving your camping bin outside, avoid PP materials. HDPE materials are different. They can fail to become brittle even at  –100 degrees Fahrenheit. The material can also stand high outdoor temperatures.

3. Waterproof

You may expose some camping gear to the water. Meaning you need a waterproof container for storing such equipment. If you love kayaking, canoeing, or rafting, a water-resistant storage box would be a good choice. These boxes will not wear out even when you leave them exposed to extreme weather.

4. Portability and Ease of Use

A good camping storage box is easy to carry. It has comfortable-to-grasp handles that won’t hurt your hands. They also have fitting lids that won’t scratch you as you hold the box.

You should be able to lift and move your camping storage container when packed with less struggle. If you need to bring it to your roof rack, it should be easy for you to do that. For clothing boxes, they should also be easy to pack. Your storage boxes should be easy to unpack and pack.

5. Availability

You need a camping storage container that you can easily find when you need it. It must not be popular if you value uniqueness.  One that you can buy from multiple sellers is a better option.

Remember, as you shop around for storage bins, you must see and feel them. Being readily available will save you the hassle. You can walk into different stores in person and test them out.


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6. Storage Capacity

A camping storage box that can handle everything is a wise choice. You should be able to pack all your items securely and neatly in a suitable storage container. The box shouldn’t wobble. Your items should not be stacked in the storage box. If any, square bins are easy to optimize. Their design allows you to maximize the space within.

At the same time, the storage box should be collapsible for ease of storage when it’s not in use. Often these boxes are more durable and have more compact storage. You’ll need collapsible bins to store gear that you hardly use.

Storage Capacity

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The above six considerations will help you acquire the best camping storage container. Take your preferences into consideration too. If you prefer transparent boxes, go for them. They’re perfect if you want to see everything in your pack without opening it.

Stackability is also a crucial element. If you are going camping with many containers, they should be stackable. Stackable boxes minimize storage wastage. Choose one within your budget once a storage box ticks all the above. Enjoy your camping experience!