With the world being more attentive towards a fit body and essential nutrient supplements, growing muscle is one of the most sought-after things. However, the growth of muscle depends upon the consumption of protein and fats. So, what causes the synthesis of proteins in our bodies, or what supplements can help us boost this production. Buy IGF-1 Australia to kick start the muscle growth process in your body. Several exercises can also be paired with a good diet and consumption of this medicine to make your muscles grow faster and better. The source of energy in our body gets replenished by these small but essential routines.

The Role of ATP In Muscle Growth

Did you know that ATP is the only energy currency of our body? Like our body fat or blood glucose, all other energy sources first need to be broken down and converted to ATP via specific pathways before they can be used. ATP releases energy for all kinds of biological processes by splitting phosphate. For example, IGF-1 enables the body to work in a manner that accommodates the growth of muscles in a better way. This helps the body identify the optimum levels of protein required to be pumped in for the growth of muscles.

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Other Energy Sources 

All other energy sources in our body resynthesize ATP from ADP to provide energy. These energy resources are well developed throughout the teenage and slowly start to wear off when the human body grows. There can be several reasons why these sources show less production, but buy IGF-1 Australia to avoid these discrepancies. Some energy sources can do this job quickly and efficiently but have a small capacity, while other sources are slow but have a huge capacity. This is where the metaphor comes in. Imagine ATP as one-cent coins.

Energy Sources for The Muscle

Your body only accepts these one-cent coins. Unfortunately, you only have a few. Other energy sources first have to be exchanged for these coins. Several energy sources are available for our body that differ a lot in their actions, and they are Phosphocreatine, muscle glycogen and blood glucose, and fat. Carbon-containing compounds can be refined and should be more to achieve perfect and healthy muscles. However, their contribution to energy expenditure during exercise is low.

The Role of Glycogen in Muscle Growth

Glycogen is an essential and long chain of glucose that helps the body in many ways. There needs to be an efficient storage system for all the carbohydrates in our body or simply the ones that we consume, and glycogen helps in that process. If you buy IGF-1 Australia, it will help you make this process faster and side effect free. The guarantee comes with just speaks volumes about the product.

Fast Glycolysis: Helping the Muscles Grow Fast 

Glycolysis is an important breakdown process that takes place inside our body. Buy IGF-1 Australia to make it a successful process that comes in handy to rebuild your muscles and develop strong muscles which are way more efficient than the previous ones. Faster glycolysis can be achieved by following a proper diet along with the intake of IGF-1, which has lots of important nutrients to help your body regain strength.

Pathway of Energy for Development of Muscle

And you know why? The acidification will slow down muscle contraction and limit performance. Of course, this already happens after a few minutes of high-intensity exercise. Another ‘drawback’, so to speak, of the anaerobic glycolysis is its rather inefficient ATP production from glycogen. The aerobic breakdown of glycogen, so with oxygen, provides 10 times more energy per glucose molecule – but is much slower. So, glycogen is like a stack of banknotes, and you can exchange it for many coins.


Buy IGF-1 Australia to make the above-described mechanisms achieve a faster rate, and you can see the results within months. This will help the body to regain the agility and strength that is needed normally. The sales of this product tell us how successful it has been in Australia and even neighbouring regions. It comes with a guarantee to develop and strengthen your muscle and is medically proven to be a working medicine.