The implementation process for Blackbaud Salesforce integration can pose significant challenges for a nonprofit. Whether your organization has a dedicated information technology division working on the rollout or you are relying on integration software, one of the best ways to determine whether an integration is functional is to check the consistency of records across Blackbaud platforms such as Raiser’s Edge and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Learn more about the differences between these platforms that have the potential to disrupt communication and discover how the best database software for nonprofits supports successful implementation.

Differences between Salesforce NPSP and Raiser’s Edge

The Salesforce NPSP is a branch off of the Salesforce open-source customer relationship management platform used by many for-profit operations. Since 2008, this platform has offered not-for-profit groups access to utilities for tracking donors, donations and other dimensions of fundraising.

Raiser’s Edge originated as a student billing platform in the early 1980s. The latest version of this Blackbaud donor relationship management platform, Raiser’s Edge NXT, offers organizations all of the powerful conventional fundraising, payment processing and bookkeeping features with added cloud functionality.

Organizations may prefer to use one platform over the other based on operating budgets or other considerations. Salesforce for Nonprofits is highly customizable, which makes each implementation unique and may require more extensive modification and result in a longer roll out period. The standout features of this platform include the ability to track donor and supporter engagement across online platforms.

For a substantial licensing fee, the Raiser’s Edge provides most of the basic functionality an organization needs to raise funds and reach out to donors. This established nonprofit software is an obvious choice for many organizations on account of the advanced tools for tracking levels of donor engagement over time that are built into the software .

Why Effective Commutation Between the Two Is Key to Your Nonprofit’s Successes

An organization seeking to combine the functionality of the Salesforce NPSP and Raiser’s Edge or other Blackbaud software should strive toward supporting effective communication between these platforms. Both types of software require substantial investments of resources for licensing and implementation.

The differences in the origins and design of nonprofit management software makes a data integration solution helpful for a smooth implementation process and supporting ongoing availability of donor, financial or operational data across platforms. A successful integration is critical for this software to communicate effectively and optimize short- and long-term outcomes.

Integration software has the capability to support effective cross-platform communication in several ways. Automated utilities allow for instantaneous or scheduled data imports and exports and can complete records and improve data to ensure that records are as accurate and current as possible.

Smooth communication between Salesforce NPSP and Raiser’s Edge is essential to successful operation for many nonprofits. Each of these platforms has unique strengths and also stores records in proprietary formats. A cloud-based solution for data integration designed for these and other leading nonprofit software platforms is the best way to ensure that database records benefit from good communication or dataflow to acheive greater accuracy and stay current.

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