How To Find An Affordable Storage Unit


Are you a travel freak looking for an affordable space to tuck away your possessions while you head out for a new adventure? Are you moving temporarily and don’t want to haul your belongings to the new state? In any case, we are here to help you find a cheaper solution to your problem.

Renting a storage unit is the most effective and affordable way to reduce your moving expenses. With security and affordability, self-storage units also give you complete control over what you keep and how you keep it. Though you can find a storage facility almost at every street corner, the problem is finding one that suits your needs. Finding a reliable and quality self-storage unit becomes a complex task when you are on a tight budget. Before looking for a self-storage unit, you must figure out a few things, like your budget, required space, location, etc.

Here are a few tips you must keep in mind to get the best deal on a storage unit.

Choose a location

When your budget is limited, it is better to look for a storage unit tucked off the beaten track. It is needless to say that storage units located in more frequented or urban areas will be more expensive than the ones in remote areas. You can base your choice depending on where you are staying or where you get cheaper rates. For example, if you are preparing to go backpacking in the Ozarks, secure your belongings in Bentonville. You can rely on StrongPoint Self Storage. Their Bentonville AR self storage units offer facilities that are more contemporary and neighborhood-focused than before. To deliver an unrivaled customer experience, we’ve used the most cutting-edge security measures, access controls, and technological comforts. We think you deserve to keep your possessions in a spotless, up-to-date facility with top-notch service.

Do you know that rates for different units vary based on their location within the facility? Yes, it’s surprisingly true! A 5 x 10 storage unit on the second floor will cost you much less than the same size unit on the ground floor. So, keep this in mind if you want to pinch pennies.

Select the right size

Choosing a storage unit in a suitable size can save you from spending extra bucks on it every month. Storage facilities offer units in various sizes. You can rent a small 5 x 5 space, a larger 10 x 30 space, or even a unique 5 x 7 or 5 x 12 space. The best way to save up is to rent a small space and use it efficiently. In most situations, customers rent large units and pack their stuff poorly, only to find that they are paying way more than they should. If you want to avoid such a scenario, consider hiring local movers for professional services. Alongside packing your stuff, they will help you organize and utilize the storage space efficiently. The extra money you spend on movers will allow you to rent a small space, thus saving you a lot more later.

Beware of rate increases

It is no wonder that tenants get a rent rise after some time. But do you know that the storage unit rental rate is also subject to adjustment? If you got a 5 x 5 storage unit for $20, look forward to a rate rise to $24 per month sooner or later. At first, these rises may seem small, but they can add up to a large amount when you plan to rent the unit for a longer period. Here’s a solution for you. While researching your options, read online reviews left by others to find out any discrepancies. Inquire about the rate increase policy from the managers of each storage facility you have narrowed down. Though it is unlikely to avoid a rate rise, these few tips will help you navigate frequent increases or find one with a consistent rate policy.

Cut down on unnecessary features

Suppose you are new to this service of storage units. In that case, you might be amazed by its various facilities and even unknowingly register for some. The bad news is, these extra facilities will only cost you more. It is preferable to figure out what facilities you need and what to skip. Think about the stuff you want to keep in your storage unit. For example, if you want to keep your electronics in the unit, a climate control feature must protect against humidity. Otherwise, this feature will only contribute to a higher rent instead of being useful.

Moreover, gated access, 24/7 security, indoor versus outdoor, etc., are some popular features you must consider before adding to your unit. These features are known to raise the rent for a storage unit. So, purchase a lock and pay the rent up-front to spend a little.

Inquire about discounts and free facilities

The thing about free facilities is you don’t get them unless you ask. Many storage facilities offer free perks to help you move your stuff and organize it. For example, most facilities offer free transportation services. Ask your facility manager if they do the same and the procedure you need to follow to get these services. It will roughly save you $30-$100 as opposed to the cost of hiring local movers. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask about the discounts. Many storage facilities give military discounts to veterans. If you are a student, you may get an opportunity to benefit from student discounts which may last for a short period. Also, ask your neighbors or run to the nearest market to get empty boxes. Purchasing new ones will only be a waste of money on your end.

Compare your options

Many people rent a storage unit for the first time and register for the first company they find. Why? When you lack knowledge about something, you are likely to be trapped by the marketing strategies of storage facilities. Or it is possible when you need to move on short notice or for many other reasons. But, when you have a limited budget, it is preferable to do thorough research and explore your options. Do your homework, check the ratings for various companies, read online reviews, and look through their facilities. When you have narrowed down a few options, pay visits in-person and look into the services like security more thoroughly. After all, they will be keeping your valued possessions. So, in-person visits help spot any irregularities in storage services.


Let’s face it; storage units are becoming more popular as people need effective solutions for their storage issues. Finding an affordable unit in the vast sea of options is difficult, especially when storing your stuff for a long time. Many perks, like up-front payment, discounts, moving services, etc., can help you find a storage unit within your budget. Read through this article to get an insight into how to find an affordable storage unit.