Hymenoplasty is the surgical procedure of reconstructing the hymen. Hymen is a thin, pinkish membrane which partially covers the vagina. The purpose of hymen is not exactly known. Hymen is a part of the vulva and is present about half an inch deep inside the vagina.

Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery is a minimally-invasive procedure which is completed in under 30 minutes. Hymenoplasty may not be a major procedure, but the success rate and outcome from the surgery highly depends on the doctor performing the surgery. The success rate and outcome of hymenoplasty in Delhi is the best when performed by an expert hymenoplasty doctor.

Finding the best hymenoplasty doctor in Delhi may seem like a tiresome task. But you can find the right doctor for hymenoplasty in Delhi for you with the help of the following tips.

How to find the best hymenoplasty doctor in  Delhi?

Here are some helpful tips to help you find best hymenoplasty doctor in Delhi NCR:

●     Consider the Gender

The gender of the doctor is something you need to consider right from the beginning so that you can filter out the male gynecologists if you are not comfortable with them. Most females prefer to have a female gynecologist for general or even surgical procedures. In fact, most of the best gynecologists in Delhi are female doctors. If you are not comfortable with a male gynecologist for hymenoplasty, go for the best female doctors for hymenoplasty in Delhi.

●     Reputation of the doctor

Another helpful tip for finding the best hymenoplasty doctor in Delhi is to look for the doctor’s credentials. You can visit the doctor’s website or the hospital or healthcare chain they are working with. Looking at the doctor’s profile can help you choose the right one for you. Also, you can check the doctor’s reviews on google.

●     Specialization and Availability of the doctor

It is best to choose a doctor who specialises in surgical and cosmetic gynecology if you want to undergo hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi. A cosmetic gynecologist carries out procedures to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vagina or for medical reasons. A cosmetic gynecologist can perform procedures such as hymenoplasty, vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, laser vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, etc.

Also, make sure to check the availability of the doctor before you want to schedule your hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi. You may want to consider the following things when choosing the best hymenoplasty doctor in Delhi-

●     How easy is it to get an appointment with the gynecologist?

●     What is the waiting period before an appointment?

●     Will the doctor be available for online consultation?

●     Can I consult the doctor on call, phone or SMS in case of non-emergency queries after hymenoplasty?

●     Will the doctor be available for emergency calls?

Make sure to clear your doubts regarding availability of doctor before booking your hymenoplasty surgery.

●     Reference

Ask your female friends about the gynecologist they visit. It is also a good option to speak to your friends as they may refer you to a trusted gynecologist they have had an experience with. You really cannot visit every hymenoplasty doctor in Delhi to pick the right one for you. So, you can simply do the next best thing. Ask your friends and see if it suits you.

●     Location

Find a doctor which would be available closer to your location. It would be easy for you to see the doctor in case of any emergency or complication after the surgery.

●     Communication

Choose a doctor who is fluent in the language you are fluent and comfortable with. There may be a lot of questions and concerns and you and your doctor need a lot of communication.

What is the success rate of hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a highly successful gynecological procedure and has a success rate as high as 97%. In case, the female does not follow the precautions or the gynecologist’s advice the outcome of the surgery may not be a complete success. Consult the best hymenoplasty doctor in Delhi to undergo safe and successful hymenoplasty surgery.

What is the risk of side effects or complications after Hymenoplasty 

Hymenoplasty is a minimally invasive and safe procedure and rarely has any complications or side effects after the surgery. In fact, when performed by an expert gynecologist, there is minimal risk of complications or side-effects.

Final words

For a safe and successful hymenoplasty, choose the best hymenoplasty doctor in Delhi. For a safe healthy recovery, make sure to follow the gynecologist’s advice and take any medications in time.  We hope that the blog could help you figure out how to find the best hymenoplasty doctor in Delhi.

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