Sydney is infamous for its New Year’s Eve display for a reason, it’s pretty spectacular, to say the least! The city is always absolutely bustling with tourists, out of towners and locals alike, all looking for an amazing way to spend the last night of the year. Now, New Year’s Eve everywhere can get a little complicated when not approached carefully. NYE regret is a real thing, so this is best to avoid at all costs! Here’s exactly how to get the very most out of your New Year’s this December…

Do your planning

Any good night needs a little bit of planning, and this is especially essential when you want to have your best New Year’s yet! All of the best venues and bookable picnic spots tend to sell out very, very early on – we’re talking six months before early. So, you’ll need to bag your seat, bar, picnic spot or whatever you’re planning well in advance. Be realistic about transport, group numbers and food requirements to get it right.

Get creative

Sometimes, the same-old picnic, cocktail party or fancy dinner just doesn’t cut it when you’ve done them over and over again before. In order to have the most fabulous night possible, you should consider getting a little creative with your decision making. There are a bunch of awesome New Year’s Eve cruises from the Sydney Harbour to get a front-row seat to the best fireworks display in the world. Definitely consider hopping on a boat for a breathtaking experience that you’ll never forget.

Be comfortable with staying put

Whether you’re setting sail, pitching a tent or listening to one of the city’s best DJs, you should get comfortable with the concept of staying put. Hopping bars, moving around or leaving picnic spots do not end well on New Year’s Eve. It gets expensive, stressful and majorly annoying, so choose where you’ll be and stay there until after midnight, your blood pressure will thank you.

Organise your transport

Transport is undoubtedly one of the biggest stresses on one of the biggest nights of the year, so plan ahead or have a game plan before you start celebrating. If you’re on a cruise, you don’t have to worry so much because your dock time will be strategically chosen to beat the rush. If you’re at a picnic spot, restaurant or bar, get ready to pay a whole lot more than you normally would to trek it home. Pre-booking a cab or having a designated driver with you will lend a huge helping hand when everyone is ready to just go home.

Always be responsible for your mess

For those who are picnicking or setting up shop on the beach, always be sure that you’re responsible for your own mess and clean up. Too much trash is left after these big, city-wide events, so do your part and be conscious about the damaging impacts of leaving your rubbish.

Avoid forking out too much

New Year’s Eve can get extortionately expensive if you don’t watch yourself. Make sure that you and your group stick to a reasonable budget to avoid losing a whole lot of cash on just one night. Ticketed events, pre-paid meals and harbour cruises all avoid this as they are usually a package expense.

Keep a sense of humour! 

Finally, always remember that this night is for absolutely everyone to enjoy. You need to always have a sense of humour during the crazy rush of ringing in the new year, otherwise, you just won’t have a good time.

Follow these pointers and have your best, most relaxed New Year’s Eve yet!