Unique art experiences encourage you to connect in an informal environment meaningfully. It is an effective means to de-stress and tap your creative side. Through the digital medium, you can now help your employees unwind by organizing fun interactions to break the monotony of work exchanges.

Corporate outings organized through planners like https://www.unarthodox.com are inspiring, relaxing, and customized to suit your team’s needs.  They yield long-term benefits for your employees and your company by:

  • Boosting teamwork and promoting a collaborative spirit
  • Enabling deeper connections and friendships
  • Inspiring ideas
  • Generating feelings of genuine happiness
  • Creating lasting memories

Virtual Events Are Trending

With virtual events, there is plenty of scope to provide valuable opportunities to your team and generate excitement among them. These overtake in-person events in the following ways:

  • Allows a wider audience to come together
  • Eliminates travel costs
  • Reduces overhead expenses like booking a venue, seating and catering arrangements, etc
  • Facilitates effortless tracking of attendees

Partnering with creative minds gives you a choice of unique activities that your entire team can join to strengthen their bonds. These include illustrative dumb charades, improvised collaborative games, and expressing your emotions by spontaneously creating art.

The tips provided here enable you to derive the maximum benefit from such virtual corporate art outings:

Keep the Content Relevant

You can ensure full participation from your employees without persuading them to join the event when the topic arouses their interest. As long as the content is relevant to them and proves worthy of their time, they feel gainfully engaged. Do your research before finalizing the team bonding art experience.

Pick an Ideal Platform

The success of the corporate event rides heavily on the online platform used to host it. Choose one that does not restrict the number of participants, is user-friendly, password-protected, and convenient for your team to download. Testing the online platform once before the actual virtual outing by asking the relevant participants to log in reduces last-minute hiccups.

Outsource To Experts

Specialized event planners know exactly how to arrange an event considering all aspects. They curate every experience such that it is fun and interactive for all the participants, thus leaving your employees feeling recharged. Such corporate virtual outings help trigger the senses and provide a welcome distraction.

Focus on Maximum Participation

Instead of appealing to one section of your corporate team, go with an event that encourages maximum participation. Take into consideration the sensibilities of your attendees, so everyone feels welcomed and involved from the start. The minute a participant feels disconnected from the events taking place, the purpose of such virtual team building interactions is defeated.

Collate Feedback

Asking the attendees for feedback helps put things in perspective. Considering you spend on organizing these sessions for your employees, you need to evaluate whether the returns justify your investment. You can then use the valuable inputs received to give your team an enhanced experience time and again.

Delegate planners to channelize your corporate staff’s creative abilities by arranging unique, empowering, and engaging virtual art experiences. When your employees know they are valued, it motivates them to remain dedicated.