Mathematics, well elucidated as the abstract science of number, quantity, and space either as abstract concepts or as applied to other disciplines is one of the most interesting subjects in approach to a way to an education in numeric science. The subject mathematics has four major branches which are Algebra, Geometry, calculus, and topology. These major branches provide various specialisations that have vegetated as numerous chapters like probability, integers, statistics, relations and functions etc. Mathematics sprouts out not only as a subject limited within the pages of notebooks but we also come across this every time and everywhere in our daily life. Visiting a grocery shop for daily essentials stipulates the use of calculus and basic numerals. Putting these genres of maths from daily life to score the highest marks in grades academically is an exciting as well as an intricate piece of work for the students.

Despite devoting more and more time to a way to develop command over the subjects, students instead develop a phobia for the same.

The levels of concepts increase as we go to higher classes, but a sudden change in the syllabus is noticeable majorly when we encounter the class 9th syllabus. According to a survey conducted, the majority of students find NCERT Books Class 9 Maths the syllabus to be quite difficult to understand and an increase in the contents of the syllabus makes it intimidating to be completed on time.

To look for a way to score the highest marks in class 9th maths subject, the first step should be to understand and comprehend the syllabus in a very precise manner. According to an assessment scheme introduced by the central board of secondary education, it has been made mandated to cover 50℅ syllabi in each term of the academic session.

For the class 9th syllabus, the first term papers include the following chapters along with the marks assigned approximately to be asked by the examinee.

Unit name.                           Marks

Number system.                    8

Coordinate geometry.           4

Algebra.                                5

Geometry.                           13

Mensuration.                        4

Statistics and                       6


Total =40

Internal assessment = 10

Total marks = 50

Under the above-mentioned units , the major subtopics that needs to be focussed on are:

1. Number System

  • Natural numbers
  • Number lines
  • Integers
  • Rational numbers
  • Terminating decimals.
  • Non terminating decimals
  1. Algebra
  • Linear equations in two variables.
  • Graph of linear equations.
  • Algebraic and graphic solutions.
  1. Coordinate geometry
  • Cartesian plane
  • Coordinates of points and names.
  1. Geometry
  • Lines and angles
  • Triangles
  1. Mensuration
  • Herons formula
  • Basic formulas
  • Surface areas and volumes.
  1. Statistics and probability
  • Collection of data
  • Representation of data
  • Grouped and ungrouped data
  • Bar graphs
  • Histograms

The only way to cover up all the subjects with crystal clear concepts is to practice again and again. Attempting questions more than once embeds the formula in your mind and no need to forget formulas and theories all the time which are found to be common problems among the students.

Here are some important prescribed books mentioned below:-

  • Mathematics – NCERT publication
  • Laboratory manual – secondary stage, NCERT publication
  • Mathematics – Exemplar problems

Above mentioned books are enough to approach for clear concepts. Along with the books, you can also go for some previous asked papers and solutions. Attempting for some online courses can also prove to be a very good option to interact directly with the tutors and get your doubts solved undoubtedly.

Some of the online portals also provide you all with some selected important questions categorised based on the weightage of questions asked every year. These can be a great help for the students seeking sub-topics help to score good marks at the last moment.

But despite waiting for the last moment to come, students must keep themselves ahead in practising questions from the very start of the course. Devoting a fixed time daily for each chapter to solve questions will be turn out to be favourable and would not lead up to piling of contents to be dealt with at the last moment, as it may turn out to be unsatisfying low scores that would eventually affect your academics.

Some of the chapters are quite easy and does not demand extra time but some chapters need some extra time and are not at all easy if you don’t take the proper practice of the questions. A few of these extra demanding chapters are algebra, coordinate geometry, triangles etc.

Solving from the past year papers gives you an instinctive idea of the format of papers. Because learning with the format of papers is a mandatory task to be done before start attempting the questions.

Along with efficient practice and learning important topics, students must also learn how to manage time properly and make wise use of it. A proper schedule must be followed dividing each chapter into sub-topics and focussing more on the topics that are difficult to understand. You must work more on weak topics to avoid any complications in the annual exams.

You can also make formula sheets, flow charts, chart papers and paste them around your study background so that you can take a quick reference and avoid failing in recalling formulas in the examination hall.

Make handwritten notes for yourself as it would help you a lot to categorise everything and a bit way easier to understand than the classy notes available in the market. You can also visit some online portals to look for tricks to solve problems very quickly and precisely. Solving questions through tricks are a boon for the students and even aids in checking whether it is right or wrong in the exams. What you solve must be checked by the teachers or the mentors, so they can easily catch out your weak points and present them to you in a presentable manner.


It’s a way easier to solve and ace maximum marks in mathematics subject of class 9 grades. But what you need to do is just keep a proper format of the syllabus, devote particular time to particular chapters. Learn time management and keep yourself in touch with the mentors.