If you want to change your look for a while, then a white off-shoulder dress will do the trick. Whether you are dressing for the hot or cold season, you can still style the dress and look great. A white off-shoulder dress can be styled for any occasion if you know the right style and have the right accessories. Below are a few tricks and tips to help you make the most out of your dress.

1. Put on a strapless bra

Wearing a strapless bra will ensure that you get the support you need without the bra being visible. A white bra will work best, but if you don’t have a white one, you can go for a black one. If you want more flexibility, then a backless bra will also suffice. It will also give you a lot of freedom and flexibility. Another option to go with is a body tape. It will help hold together your boobs without being visible.

2. Wears casual or formal boots

You can always pair a white off-shoulder dress with boots. Depending on the length of the dress, the boots can be short or long. For a short while dress, go with over-the-knee boots. If it is a long dress, then ankle boots will work best. If the weather is chilly, you should pair the white shoulder dress with a turtle neck and high knee boots.

3. Pair a short white off-shoulder dress with open-toe shoes

Sandals make a great deal of difference when it comes to off-shoulder dresses.  A white shoulder dress is great during summer, and that means you can casually pair them with slip-on sandals. You can try wearing your white off-shoulder dress with a set of gladiator sandals. If you don’t prefer flat sandals, you can go with other choices like wedges and high-heeled sandals.

4. Pair with flat shoes

A white off-shoulder dress can also go well with flat shoes. If you have some ballet flats, you can casually pair them with your white off-shoulder dress. Flat shoes will add an elegant touch to your dress, and you will have a relaxed look. You can even wear tennis shoes, and they will look great with your white off-shoulder dress.

5. Wear a formal white-off shoulder dress with a pair of heels

If you are wearing your off-shoulder dress to a formal event, it is best to wear a pair of nice heels. You can go with low pumps or strappy ones that are open-toed. You can also go with chunky sandals as they are also a good option.

6. Hold the dress in place with hair ties and pins

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your off-shoulder dress from rolling up or down. Use the two items to create a mini bungee cord that goes under your armpits. Make sure you attach this bungee cord to your dress before putting it on. That way, you can avoid the risk of being pricked by the pins. Repeat the process on both sides, and you will have a comfortable dress that does not roll up or down

7. Pair it with a lovely necklace

You can pair your off-shoulder with a necklace and still have the whole focus on the dress. That is possible if you pair it with necklaces like chocker’s or any other simple necklace. Don’t go for a heavy necklace or ones that are very chunky. Instead, go for a casual chocker, as it will help finish off the look. You can also choose a pendant necklace as they are also a great option.

8. Style it with a handbag or clutch

If your white off-shoulder dress is formal, then you can style it with a clutch or handbag. If you don’t want to go over the top, then a small bag will be great in complementing your outfit. Look for a bag that will be easy to carry on one hand, and the bag should also match the white color of the dress so that you have extra points.

Do’s & Don’ts of a White Off-Shoulder Dress

  • Make sure that your white off-shoulder dress stands out and the rest of the outfit should not be bold. That way, you will be able to retain all the attention on the off-shoulder look.
  • Choose thick necklaces as they will accentuate the whole look.
  • Don’t forget to keep your skin glowing as everyone will be concentrating on your shoulders.


If you have been keeping your white off-shoulder dress in the closet because you don’t have any idea how to style it, we believe this article has been of great help. If you have read from the top, it is time to take it out and get noticed.