Many of us still have promotional items we’ve received over the years. Mugs are one of the most useful and popular freebies people keep.

Mugs are great gifts for employees, customers, or anyone you want to honor. They’re also a perfect way to celebrate holidays or company anniversaries.

Give them away at events.

People are attached to their mugs and often get upset when they break or lose them. You can create brand loyalty and promote your restaurant by providing custom mugs for your customers.

Custom mugs are one of the best marketing tools for restaurants because they attract attention and can be used as conversation starters. You can use them for various marketing campaigns and promotions, such as a grand opening event, to gain exposure in the local community.

You can also give your mugs away at networking events or cocktail hours to increase brand awareness. Moreover, you can host a contest on social media where users can share their pictures with your mugs to win free food or drinks at your restaurant. In addition, you can distribute flyers at local businesses to increase your exposure. For a more targeted approach, give your mugs to influencers or business leaders who can help you grow your customer base.

Give them to your employees.

Have you ever received a promotional freebie from a company or business you used and still have? If so, we bet it was a nice mug. Mugs are attractive canvasses for your logo, branding, and messaging and are often used daily.

Giving your employees or managers custom mugs makes sense as part of your brand awareness strategy. Your team will love using your mugs and likely share them with others at work.

Choosing the right design for your mugs will depend on what industry you’re in and what type of audience you’re targeting. For instance, if you’re in the coffee or beverage industry, it might be best to go with a simple, eye-catching design that features your logo. This will help people remember your brand, and it’s more likely to be useful than something too busy or difficult to read. If possible, try to add a call to action as well.

Give them to customers.

Mugs are kitchen must-haves, whether used to drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even soup. The fact that they are versatile and useful makes them an attractive promotional tool for any business.

You can give away custom mugs to customers or managers to promote your business and its services. This can be done during special events like trade shows or holidays. You can also distribute them to influential people, such as local bloggers or those with large social media followings.

Gifting a mug with your branding can be a great way to show your customers that you appreciate them and are grateful for their loyalty. You can also use them as rewards for customer referrals, loyalty programs, or giveaways. Selecting a design your customers can easily relate to is important, so they will be more likely to use it and share it with their friends and family.

Give them to people with influence.

Mugs are an inexpensive promotional item that can help your brand reach a large audience. When people see a mug with your logo, they will likely remember it. This makes it a great way to promote your new products, services, features, or websites.

Consider giving your custom mugs to influencers or social media users. People with many followers are likelier to share a picture of your mug, which will expose a larger audience to your brand.

You can also use a mug to drive engagement by hosting a social media contest. Create a short video showcasing your product and encourage people to participate. This can be done on platforms like TikTok or YouTube and has the added benefit of being a fun and engaging way to connect with your audience. The video can feature a call to action that directs people to your website, social media page, or other online marketing channel.