Hulu is undoubtedly redefining the way people experience Live TV. A majority-owned subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company offers a complete online streaming service of movies, TV shows, and sports. After the ownership of Disney, it is bolstering the availability of content on its platform. But if you’ve been keeping up with Hulu news, then you’d know it’s reshaping the Live TV industry, in particular. Here’s how:

The Advent of Hulu Live TV

In May of 2017, then-CEO, Mike Hopkins, announced that Hulu is entering the market with its live streaming products and announced Hulu Live TV.

It seemed quite ahead of its time back then. The service bypassed cables and satellite delivery and employed the internet to deliver live streams of more than 40 different broadcasters. This is along with Hulu’s on-demand programs at a price tag of $39.99 per month.

The cost savings for consumers were huge, and many critics claimed that it would transform the live TV industry. But the announcement also raised a few questions, like if Hulu will be able to compete with the MVPDs or Multichannel Video Programming Distributors.

Back then, Hulu was among the only companies to go full internet to offer its streaming service. That’s when Hulu started to change the Live TV industry.

Hulu+ Live TV

Later, to compete aggressively in the Live TV space, Hulu introduced its Hulu+ Live TV plan which allowed subscribers to access 65+ live channels along with its media library.

For live TV, you have ESPN, CBS, TNT, TBN, among others in the sports category. Hulu offers access to top channels like Fox News, CNN, CNBC, and ESPN News for news streaming.

The Hulu+ Live TV package comes at a monthly price of $60-70.99 per month. Many consumers find this affordance, and hence are ditching cable TV for Hulu.

If you follow Hulu news, you will come across its progress so far in the industry.

Hulu vs. Cable TV

With the entry of companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, the cable TV providers feel the heat. Together, these companies are driving a revolution.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime primarily focused on originals, Hulu is taking a broader approach. It is focusing on TV as a whole and not necessarily on the movie industry.

For anyone who wants to stream live with an internet connection, they’d prefer Hulu. It is considered even better than AT&T TV Now.

The main reason is Hulu’s integration with other on-demand services that supply the live content. Its strategic partnership with advertisers is another reason why Hulu can keep the monthly cost down.

The number of subscribers for Hulu stands at 2.5 million and counting. The cable industry is losing millions of customers every year.

For the company, these figures are encouraging, and it is able to raise more money for further expansion and more partnerships. So you’ve more channels available to stream on the Hulu Live platform.

The pandemic has pushed more people to adopt streaming for their entertainment. It remains to see how companies like Hulu retain customers and prevent them from turning back to cable. But one thing for sure, streaming is giving tough competition to cable, and Hulu leads the way for Live TV streaming. Follow Hulu news for the latest updates on its services and Live TV offerings.