Vocational degrees like commerce or law are favored because they lead to jobs faster upon graduation. However, research indicates that within three years, arts graduates earn more from their jobs and have a higher job satisfaction rate in the long term. Nothing can beat the feeling of getting research writing jobs online while you are still in college or upon graduation with your arts degree.


Avoid the confusion witnessed immediately after graduation by defining your career path long before. A Bachelor of Arts degree opens doors to numerous opportunities, some of which you might never have thought about. Here are career options for you after graduation.

  • Immediate Careers Options upon Graduation

There are numerous careers you can pursue with a BA degree. Most of these careers are tied to your coursework. The exact path will be determined by the major or minor you pursued. For instance, some jobs will require a history or communication major. In other cases, the roles are not defined by the major or minor you pursued. In fact, attention shifts to the skilled learned or those you will acquire during orientation. Your training makes you easy to mold into the kind of employee who would fit multiple roles.

Here are career options you can pursue with a major or a minor in arts courses.

  • Government jobs- most of the paperwork or procedure based government jobs do not require specific technical skills. A simple induction process taking a few weeks or months is enough to help you serve a particular role. Occupants of these positions are recruited through graduate programs.
  • Non-governmental Organizations- the roles are also not as technical and will shape you through experience as well as orientation. You in administrative support, advocacy, and project implementation. The roles are occupied by enthusiastic graduates without obsessive regard for your technical skills. It helps if you had built networks through volunteer work and internships before graduation.
  • Higher education or private education roles- options for a BA graduate include returning to school to work as a tutor. Colleges and universities are looking for research and tutoring assistants with college degrees. It is also an opportunity to further your studies. At private level, you can offer tutoring services to students in college or high school taking similar courses. You may also join homework writing services and earn a decent income as you build a solid career as a freelancer.
  • Media and communication roles- media majors and minors have excellent opportunities to pursue their passion. Public and private organizations are always looking for enthusiastic critical thinkers to fill these roles. Orientation and a few weeks of retraining will prepare you perfectly for a communication role.
  • Marketing and advertising- the roles require creative and critical thinkers. These are natural instincts that are easily enhanced by a Bachelor of Arts degree. Whether you start with a small organization or dive into the deep end to compete with marketing majors, this remains one of the most lucrative starting points for BA graduates.
  • Art and cultural organizations- charity organizations based on arts like fine arts, music, and public events are open to employing Bachelor of Arts students. Art galleries and CBOs are a perfect fit if you are passionate about what they promote. It is easier to enter these industries when you begin as an intern or volunteer.

The generic skills displayed by BA graduates that will come to your advantage include critical thinking, effective communication, and the ability to perform research. Electives and minors will help you to define a clearer professional path. Your passion, internships, and volunteer work are crucial when looking for a job as a BA student.

  • Career via A Graduate Course

Bachelor of arts lays the foundation for pursuit of other courses at graduate level. It shows your intellectual capability to handle the rigors of even the most demanding vocational and technical courses like medicine, law, journalism, media, and internal relations.

Some graduate courses demand that you sit for entry exams like law or medicine. A graduate course will take about a year or two depending on your initiative, the university you choose, and course you are pursuing. A graduate course will turn you into a teacher, doctor, urban planner, diplomat, librarian, and banker, among other professions.

  • A Career in Academia and Research

The desire to pursue your area of interest or study further will land you in a research institution. You further your studies to become a PhD holder in a particular field. It opens doors to work in research or branch back into the corporate world as a professional. A PhD comes with endless career options around the world.

A Bachelor of Arts degree opens extensive possibility to work around the world. Where you land will depend on passion, enthusiasm, and the chances you take. It is one of the courses that make it possible to work in your dream job with ease.