Over the year, the quality of Education as well the standard of living has increased drastically. Though they both have different outcomes, they both go hand in hand. For your child, Education is one of the greatest gifts to adapt to a confusing world and its changes.

Many parents want their kids to experience the best Education. Hence the will to attain a better school will great standards come off as a pipe dream to many, while another community struggles to even attain the cheapest seats due to their dire straits.

In a distant conversation far, far away, we hear a unique system of Education only by a few – Boarding Schools. One of India’s weakest points is the boarding school system still trying to wash its blemished approach to kids today.

Why? The world of drama and entertainment has all been lifted by such a stringent, rigorous lifestyle that few kids dare to dream about.

Movies like Tare Zameen Par, Udaan, Mohabbatien have expanded on the life experienced in a hostel or studying under the eyes of strict officials who pass by in a huge hall of disciplined, educated individuals. Boarding Schools have been popularized through Tare Zameen Par through its deep opinions on such a school through the protagonist’s eyes.

Such movies have tried to capture two aspects: the positive and the negative. Though we all tend to focus on the negatives, the positives shape what the negatives could be for you.

Importance of Boarding Schools

One can only say that boarding school can make or break an individual. How? Not every child is built to face a boarding school. Did you know, Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth II, couldn’t survive a boarding school for a year? In the same way, mental preparation for a Boarding school can only build you up for such schools will teach you through the major span of your life.

So, why are boarding schools important? Why should a parent risk their child getting “beaten up” or “made to stand on a bench” and so on only to humiliate them and cause a moral issue?

The answer to all of it lies in the clarity of the mind. Boarding schools are important because they just don’t develop discipline; it is a lot beyond what it can provide naturally.

Boarding Schools are important today for all the right reasons. The lifestyles, the behavioural complexes, the approach to the outer world is all that are covered through the span of your child’s life. They get to experience life like no other private day school. Thus, it is all in the process that makes one sure of how beneficial such an opportunity can be for them.

Boarding schools provide the overall development of a child. It helps to embrace their qualities. Question and judge their quotients and create a network amongst peers. It is statistically proven that most kids who’ve passed out of boarding school are what corporates consider the first skill.

It is so because they realize that it takes away your family and all the time you could spend relaxing for yourself only for you to shape into a responsible and competitive individual that can be a goal-setter to achieve what may come.

Engaging with people, communication skills, and team effort is something exclusive to a boarding school graduate. You don’t tend to call them the ones living under a rock.

Enhanced vocabulary, logical reasoning, and academic excellence are what a boarding school aims to provide. You could see that in Taare Zameen Par, a very lively group of teachers and a frank student community only makes it a better place to build long-lasting relationships.

When it comes to Co-curricular activities, boarding schools excel at it. With more sportively talented individuals growing every year, it can only grow one’s aspirations to reality. Boarding school enriches a student’s life. Providing overall nutrition and growth can only help the student achieve whatever the boarding school stands for—strict healthy diets for all, three times a day at fixed intervals.

Boarding schools are vital to India, especially with the current haphazard way of learning that students have confessed many times. Day schools turn to be a very costly affair and finding the perfect one can take a lot of time. Though they can be costly as well based on the amenities provided, the level and standard of Education is always the ruling party in the status of such schools.

In the end, boarding schools are a necessary future for a developing country like India. For India, to boom at the academic, cultural, and sportive level requires students to garner the same level of development that these boarding schools tend to provide. Parents can encourage themselves to aspire for the betterment of their children, and that only comes from killing the fear about such fads.